This year has really seen a transformation in my body and mind as I joined the gym earlier this year and have turned into quite a gym bunny in recent months.

I try to go to the gym 4-5 times a week as I feel it’s the only thing that keeps my brain stress free (ish lol) and it has turned into my number 1. hobby. Trying to balance my final year of university and two jobs can be very stressful at times and I often find I struggle to fit everything into my schedule. However, I always make time for the gym, even if it means I go at 6 am, because it’s the only thing that makes me feel relaxed and is the only space I can just forget everything when I walk through that gym door.

The more I got into the gym the more I started to research about the different supplements I could take in order to enhance and support my gym performance and progress. I was kindly sent some protein to review from BioSynergy, an award-winning sports nutrition brand.

During my workout, I drink the Revitalise protein which tastes like orange and leaves me feeling so hydrated and gives me so much energy when I exercise. It actually tastes so nice as well which is a nice bonus as some protein brands don’t taste so good and can taste a bit chalky.

I own the BioSynergy dual shaker which allows you to have two liquids in one cup. This is perfect for when I’m walking to the gym as then I can drink my pre-workout shake as I go.

Alongside my protein I also take my daily vitamins, I’ve been testing out the multivitamins from BioSynergy and the Silicea from They are 100% natural, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, gluten and lactose-free and costs £14.59 for 30 capsules. I take 1 daily with my morning drink of water in order to have healthier hair, nails and bones. Now, I have hair extensions and acrylics so vitamins like these I’m never too sure of the effects. However, when I got my extensions refitted this month my hairdresser commented how my natural hair has grown. Considering my hair hasn’t grown properly in a few years due to a bad bleach job I’m pretty impressed, to say the least.

My fave purchase as of late is this little vitamin container I bought from eBay. You put your 7 days of vitamins in and as you press the button it rotates. It’s the little things in life isn’t it haha.

I’ve made my way through all of my BioSynergy protein now and I’m onto trying a new brand. In the new year, I’m going to fully get back into blogging again posting regularly and I’m going to get my gym routine, gym life etc up where I discuss what products I’m loving and using on a weekly basis.

Thank you BioSynergy for sending me the goodies to try and you have really fuelled something off in me and turned me into a gym bunny with abs on the way hahaha.