September for me has probably been the busiest month of the year, I’ve been working a lot recently, moved into a flat for university and I have began my final year of my studies. So to say I have been busy recently is an understatement but I thought that I would share with you today my 9 university essentials for getting through the year.

Up first is …

1. Pro plus

I am not a coffee drinker at all so Pro Plus has been an absolute lifesaver for me the past few weeks and has helped me with my busy schedule. I sometimes struggle with big tablets but these come in a small size and I have the packet of 48. I take 2 tablets a day when I feel like I need them the most and I just have so much energy when I use them. My room has been completely packed up so I forgot that I had them but then rediscovering them this week has genuinely made such a difference already. Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra help to get through the day when you are really busy.



2. Immunpro

September is when all the students come back and it is freshers week as well so it’s important to try and avoid freshers flu. On my little medicine shelf I have the immunpro infection blocker defence which increases your resistance to viral infections. You get a packet of 15 lozenges which surprisingly taste quite nice considering it is a medicine. Definitely an essential for the winter months as well because that’s the time where I’m working a lot and tend to get a sore throat.



3. Curaprox

A good toothbrush and toothpaste is on my university essentials list as well because I love anything to do with taking care of my body and the curaprox toothbrush is so soft on my teeth. Perfect if you have sensitive teeth or gums.



4. Pure Papaya ointment

I have been using the papaya ointment from pure on my hands because going to the gym and doing pole dancing can take its toll on my hands and my body. It is such a ultra rich and nourishing formula and is great to use on dry skin. It’s said to be good for soothing the skin after laser therapy treatment and I’m actually going to be getting this done in a few weeks time so I will definitely be trying this out then.



5. Cold sore cream

Starting University can result in going out quite a bit, getting quite drunk and sometimes kissing strangers. So it’s important to have a good cold sore cream just in case you need it. Two of my recent favorites are the silicea cold sore gel which dries out blisters and relieves the burning and itching Sensation and prevasore everyday lip therapy. You use prevasore to prevent and treat cracked lips and you can also use it on cold sores as well to prevent their recurrence.



6. A good mattress

If your University halls mattress isn’t quite up to scratch then you can have a look on websites such as Furnish your home which offer great quality but affordable mattresses. Sometimes your university bed isn’t quite like the one at home so this is a great alternative to get you through the year!



7. Sudocrem

The holy Grail of my toiletries cabinet!! I love sudocrem and it is an essential part of my skincare routine. This works perfectly if I have any acne and reduces it within hours!



8. Cetraben

My skin always gets quite dry when the weather changes so at the moment I have been enjoying using the cetraben lotion, cleansing cream and ointment. These three are really good if you have dry sensitive or eczema prone skin as they have such a rich formula which is actually really light on the skin. Sometimes with a really moisturizing product it can be quite sticky and hard to rub into the skin but with these 3 that’s not a problem at all.




To conclude my uni essentials list I thought I would recommend a handy website for you which allows you to look for accommodation if you haven’t got a place in halls and are looking for somewhere to live. It’s really easy to navigate and is quite straightforward as well so is a good one especially if you’ve got any flat issues or if you’re looking for a place for your next year of university.