A few weeks ago myself and my mum took a trip to The Lowry Theatre to review a play called ‘Love from a stranger’ based on the Agatha Christie Novel.

I love attending the theatre as I work in a theatre myself and I love how comfortable the Lowry Theatre is and how much leg room you get.

As always, I tend not to read up on the shoes I go to visit as I like to be completely surprised by the storyline. My mum told me that this story was a little creepy and I am extremely jumpy so I tried to prepare myself for the night.

What a show. I don’t think I have been this hooked by a performance for quite a while and I see a lot of shows per month. The story is based around a new couple Alix and Gerald who have only known each other for a few months but move into Philomel Cottage in the middle of nowhere.

Spoilers below…

So I’m not the most observant of people and it took me until the interval to realise that Gerald was a bad guy lol. Me and my mum were hiding behind our programmes for more or less the whole of the second half but I loved being scared. I’ve never seen a scary play before so this was a bit of out of my comfort zone and I loved it!!

All the characters had me hooked and hiding behind my programme. This had got to be one of the best shows I have ever seen and the only show that has had me screaming in my seat. We haven’t stopped talking about the show for weeks and have said that we must see another Agatha Christie story next time we see one!!