I’ve always been into my teeth and ever since I was little I’ve loved going to the dentist. It’s always a bit of an ego boost when the dentist tells you that you have lovely teeth.

The last few months I have been reviewing a few different teeth products in order to get those pearly whites you see on A-listers and which you will now see on little me from Manchester who’s not an A-lister (yet!).

So let’s get cracking.

1. Colgate Expert Complete

We’ve all heard of Colgate toothpaste and for me this is always a brand I reach for when I run out. The Colgate expert complete is the UK’s only toothpaste which contains hydrogen peroxide (great for deep stain removal) and an advanced brighteners system for instantly whiter teeth. Lots of people my age view teeth whitening as important and think it can only be achieved by going and having a treatment at the dentist. So here come Colgate to the rescue as this toothpaste is fresh and has brightened mine and my families teeth over the last month!

2. Pro Teeth Whitening
Pro Teeth Whitening is a whitening powder that is 100% natural, vegan friendly and is made from activated charcoal. I had never tried a whitening powder before so at first it felt a little strange but now the pot is gone as it became very popular in my house! It is also really gentle on the teeth. Pro Teeth Whitening is available to buy at Boots stores and boots.com priced £15, Amazon £11.99. Also www.beautybay.com and direct from Pro Teeth Whitening.

3. Arm & Hammer Charcoal White Toothpaste

Everyone’s gone a bit mad for charcoal toothpaste this year so I was really excited to review Arm & Hammers charcoal white toothpaste and see what all the hype was about. The toothpaste is powered by baking soda and 100% natural origin activated charcoal achieving a deep clean low abrasion. It neutralises acids for optimal oral pH, removes plaque gently and delivers a deep clean to the tricky areas to reach. You can pick some up at boots or order by clicking here.

Now that my teeth are looking a lot whiter I feel a lot more confident smiling with my teeth in photos! Plus my family are also super happy that they have also got to try out the toothpastes!

Christie x

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