Two products I have been loving lately are the Solution for Stretch Marks and Stretch Mark defence by the lovely brand Science of Skin.

I’ve recently joined the gym and one of my main goals is to put on weight and increase my muscle. I’ve gone up a dress size this yesterday which I am really pleased about but with the desired weight gain has come stretch marks and cellulite.

Now I’m not overly fussed about these two happening to my body as I still feel confident, however, if I can stop them or at least reduce them then I want to give that a go!

The Solution for Stretch marks if a formula which combines green tea extracts with vitamins C and E. It helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and soothe uncomfortable skin. You can apply it to the areas where stretch marks appear so for me I apply it on my thighs. I’m hoping in time I will have to apply it to my chest but no hope with that growing any time soon haha! You can find the product here:

The Stretch Mark Defence is a spray formula to soothe and moisturise the skin and again is full of active ingredients green tea and vitamin E. It’s a super fine spray so there is no oilyness to the skin and it’s not sticky. Big plus for me as I like body products that don’t leave a sticky texture to the skin. You can find the product here:

Both of these products are great if you go to the gym or for new mums as your bump grows! But I wouldn’t know about the latter haha!!

Stay happy,

Christie x

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