If there’s one thing that’s on me at all times, it’s lipbalm. I’m absolutely obsessed with it and you can normally find 3 or 4 in my bag wherever I go. Now as a lip balm fan I’ve tried many different brands but I always come back to Lypsyl.

I had my lips done for the first time back in February and the nurse told me that it’s good to always keep your lips moisturised, especially if you’ve had lip fillers. When I get my lips done I can’t actually feel anything for the first few days so when this happens it’s important to stay moisturised and make sure you don’t get dry or cracked lips. With the weather changing so frequently in Manchester it’s easy for this to happen so I make sure I have a Lypsyl lip balm on me at all times.

I was kindly sent a huge package of lip balm that I thought would last me until the end of the year but I am storming through it like there’s no tomorrow. The main lipbalm I have been using this summer is the Lypsyl SPF50 Sun Protect which boosts your lips’ defence against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. It has a lovely vanilla scent and all the nourishing ingredients of the classic Lypsyl formula keeping your lips protected and helping to repair chapped lips. Plus it has a high SPF of 50 to help prevent any sun damage.

In the post I also received the Lypsyl Mirror compacts in all of the different scents. My favourite was the Zingy Mandarin as it smelt lovely and with it’s bright compact colour was really easy to find in my bag! Plus, when opened it has a mirror inside so is very handy for saving space in your bag and allows you to check your makeup throughout the day.

Thank you No-bull communications for sending this across to me! It has to be one of my favourite things I’ve ever received as a huge lip balm fan!

You can shop the full Lypsyl collection here: www.lypsyl.co.uk and you can find them on social media here:




Christie x

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