You know the saying “new hair, new woman”? Well that applies to me now as hello to the new Christie. The new Christie with a LA Weave and long princess hair (finally).

I’ve been working really hard recently (when am I not lol) so I decided to treat myself to having hair extensions put in properly at a salon. I’ve been debating this for about a year now so I decided to bite the bullet and just do it. So today’s post is me talking through the procedure, how I’ve found it and my little tips to look after them.

I’m dark brunette now and the method of extensions I had put in we’re the LA weave. I had a consultation with my hairdresser who informed me that this would be the best choice for me as I have really thick hair and the other methods of extensions might not blend so well.

The procedure took just over an hour and wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I was expecting it to take much longer as my hair is so thick but because my hairdresser has sorted me out over the years she worked very quickly- hair wizard.

My hair extensions when they are straight look like the below pic.

I had a curly blow dry off my hair fairy last week and look at the curls- I might have also booked in for a number of curly blows for the foreseeable future too haha..

One step closer to becoming a princess!

Though I have hair extensions put in now it’s really important to look after them and encourage healthy hair growth.

Tip 1. It really works vitamins
I have been trialling out the It Really Works vitamins for strong and healthy hair, this ensured that my hair before the extensions went in was as strong as possible and my hairdresser also commented on the strength of my hair in comparison to the previous month’s condition. You can find them here:

Tip 2. Noughty rise and shine hydrate shine serum
Now I’ve seen my hair as shiny as can be in the above photo, I’ve been loving the Noughty shine serum which is great for hydrating your hair and giving it that mirror shine. I love how it’s not a sticky formula so leaves your hair feeling like it’s got no product in it at all! You can find the serum here:

Christie x

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