Botonique is a refreshing soft drink alternative for wine lovers and is a drink I have been loving lately instead of actually having alcohol. I only really drink water, protein shakes or alcohol haha so it’s very rare that I find a drink that fits into the middle.

A bottle of white wine typically has around 645 calories per bottle and if I’m honest I never really care about the calories as I polish off a bottle. However, I’m starting a new healthy lifestyle so I was pleased to find out that a bottle of Botonique only features 105! It also features no artificial sweeteners, definitely something that’s important to me. Artificial sweeteners in products can often lead to more cravings, but when I drink a glass of Botonique it stops all my cravings with its taste. I love it when a product stops me craving sweet treats haha. Always a win!

As the name suggests, it’s a mix of botanical extracts and is packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Win-win 🙂

This is my first blog post in a while and it is my first with my new blog layout too. I’ve changed from Blogger to WordPress so I’m planning on doing a post on the transition. Whilst my new site has been sorting itself out and transferring over, I’ve drunk my whole bottle of Botonique lol so it seemed fitting that my first post on my new site was dedicated to them!

Thank you Botonique for sending me this product to try, you can find out lots of information on their site:

Have a great day everyone,
Christie x