Today I’m creating a new feature on my blog called Book Club! If you’re a regular reader of The Glitterati Girl you might have noticed that my site has been given a makeover! Hooray! And with a new makeover comes lots of new and exciting content over the next few months.

Life has changed completely for me recently for the better and I’m dedicating a lot of time to learn about myself. This involves a fresh new mindset and discovering lots of new and old hobbies. I’ve always been a reader so now I’m getting back into my books it seems only fitting to kick my book club off and share with you what I’m reading!

My first book club review is of a book called ‘Primal Cure’ by fitness guru Steve Bennet. I was kindly contacted by Mackinder consulting to review this book and it fits perfectly into my new healthy lifestyle.

Primal cure is a book based on living a healthy long life and provides lots of useful information about how to achieve great health. Here’s a run down:


· Carbocoaster- Explaining the effects of carbohydrates and sugar in our body.

· Nutrition – How to use nature and not toxic man-made drugs, to cure many illnesses.

· Macro & Micronutrients – Detailing their individual effects on the body and in which foods to find them.


· Microbiome – An in-depth view of our gut and how bacteria can effect everything from our wellbeing to our waistline.

· Chemicals – How to avoid them in everything from food to medicine.

· Toxins – Evaluates the effect of chemicals found in makeup, creams and much more.


· Way of Life – Understanding the effect of sleep, stress, sunshine and more.

· Exercise – Which exercises are good for us and which ones should we avoid.

· Fasting – Details how making intermittent fasting part of your lifestyle, has massive health benefits.

As you can see below, the book has 10 chapters full of great info.

I’m a very visual person so enjoyed that this book is full of useful diagrams, pictures and everything is explained in great detail.

I’m very glad this is on my book shelf and it’s a great book to pick up when you’re feeling unsure on particular subjects!

You can find this book on Amazon here:

Stay happy and healthy!

Christie x

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