The Pearly White Club is the UK’s first eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush subscription service with each toothbrush having a little mermaid shell on it. On average, we use around 300 toothbrushes in our lifetime as 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are used worldwide each year! That’s a lot of toothbrushes…

When a toothbrush with a little mermaid shell arrived in the post from The Pearly White Club, I was interested in trying out a toothbrush that gives me a cleaner smile but that helps contribute towards a cleaner planet. It is time to make a change to our plastic toothbrush habit.

When I opened my parcel it comes in a little black box and inside was the toothbrush with bright green bristles. A new fresh toothbrush is delivered to your door every 6 weeks, so you will never forget to change a frayed, bacteria-filled old brush again. The toothbrush is really light and the bristles which are made from Nylon 6 are so soft. Plus, in my house, there are 5 toothbrushes in the pot and some are really similar in colour. Having bright green bristles makes sure you don’t go to accidentally grab the wrong toothbrush in your tired (or slightly drunk) state.

Pearly White Club toothbrushes are made from FSC regulated MOSO bamboo which means it takes a few years to decompose and is certified Panda friendly. This toothbrush is also 100% Vegan-friendly!

I love a subscription box as I think they’re a great way to discover new brands and products. The Pearly White Club starts at £3 per month or a yearly subscription costs £30. There are different packages available to suit your household e.g. the number of people in your household, whether you want soft brushes or medium, different sizes and colours. For each additional person added the subscriptions are discounted. Subscriptions are available from

If helping the environment wasn’t enough, for every subscription purchased The Pearly White Club donates a toothbrush to New Hope- a homelessness prevention charity.

Thanks, Jenny and Dave Hutchings for creating a convenient solution for plastic-free living. Good job guys and thank you for my lovely, bamboo toothbrush.

Happy brushing!