The tanned life is the one for me and I feel that over the years I’ve tried lots of different brands and formula’s so I know what I want from a tanning product. I feel so much better with a tan and my cupboard is full of all my favourite tans.

The last month I have been trying out a new brand to me: Palmer’s. I’ve used Palmer’s body lotions before but I have never used their tanning range. I was gifted the Natural Bronze Body Lotion from Fuel PR (thank uuuu) which I was extremely happy about as tan has the way to my heart. Anything that smells like coconut has me sold and means that my skin will be left super soft.

The tan I usually use is extra dark and I use an instant tan, gradual tan is one where I’m normally too impatient for it and just want to be tanned there and then. But, I’m all about finding great new products so I gave this a go one night when I got home from work. It smells amazing and is a white lotion so when I put it on I wasn’t too sure if I was applying it evenly or if I would even see a colour difference the next day. It’s really moisturising and dries very quickly which is a huge bonus for me as I’m normally stood around for ages waiting for my tan to dry or drying myself down with a hairdryer. It uses a skin-friendly vegetable-based tanning ingredient sourced from sugar beets which gives your skin a truly natural tan all year round. I don’t use any moisturisers on my body which I probably should but this tan moisturises you as you go as it has Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoi inside.

I’ve used my full bottle already as the creamy coconut scent sold it to me. I was really surprised as the next day after applying I woke up with no streaks and an actual tan! With gradual tans, it normally takes a few days for a tan to develop but this one you could see results and it was such a natural bronzed colour which developed into a really nice shade the more that you used it.

Before I tan I like to exfoliate my skin so my tan goes on evenly and my skin has a much better texture. Alongside this tan, I was trying the Palmer’s Coconut Sugar Body Scrub before I tanned to exfoliate my skin and buff away any stubborn old tan that refuses to go. With exfoliating products, they can sometimes be harsh on the skin but this one gently scrubs and has the gorgeous coconut scent again. Big fan of both of these products, especially when I use them together.

Time to get my tan on 😉

Thank you so much Palmers and Fuel PR xx

Christie xx