Last week I joined the gym as I want to bulk up and increase my strength. I have been going quite a lot (bar the last few days as I chose alcohol instead oops) and because I’m new to all this fitness hype I have been testing out a few things to help me along on my journey.

First up: Dr Teals Pure Epsom Salt soaking solution
I really enjoy a bath after a workout, having a soak, getting sleepy and getting into bed. I have recently discovered the Dr Teals Pure Epsom Salt soaking solution for pre and post workout and it is an absolute game-changer for helping my achy and overworked muscles when I get back from the gym. The solution has a combination of Pure Epsom Salt and menthol which feels absolutely beautiful on the skin and is sooo soothing. Allowing optimum performance.

Gin Gins
Ginger is one of the healthiest spices on the planet and comes in many different forms. I’ve been incorporating The Ginger Peoples gin gins strong ginger candy’ into my workout after hearing about all the health benefits for you. I never would have thought that a ginger sweet could help with my workout but after doing a bit of research, it’s actually a great little tip to try. Ginger is loaded with nutrients and helps massively with nausea. Sometimes after an intense workout, I feel quite sick so having these in my gym bag is a quick remedy to this problem. Ginger is also known to help with muscle pain and when your body is feeling a little sore. I sometimes get a little joint pain in my knees and I’ve found this helps me with the pain too. They would also be great to take if you’re going on holiday for the plane journey ๐Ÿ™‚

Whey’d protein
Now I’ve never properly taken protein powder before an I’ve never known the benefits, whether I would like it etc so I was pleased when a few sachets of Whey’d protein was sent through my door to try. I’ve tried protein once before and always used to forget to take it so it just sat in my cupboard. I love sweet flavours so I tried the strawberry and the chocolate flavour. I like to drink mine with milk so I can consume more calories and this way it tastes like a milkshake. The chocolate flavour is my absolute favourite which I was shocked about as I don’t normally like chocolate milk.  I’m starting to get into a good routine when I workout to have a protein shake afterwards to help my achy muscles.

Sure Deodorant
I’ve been using the Sure Invisible Antibacterial deodorant and applying this before and after the gym. I hate being sweaty at the gym, even though that means I’m doing a good job at my work out haha. I’ve tested not using this vs using this deodorant at the gym and thanks to the unique sure motion-sense technology, it smells really fruity and gets rid of any unwanted odours. It smells like pear and berries and what’s clever about this deodorant is that it reacts as you move and releases the fragrance when you need it the most ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve tried lots of deodorants that just seem to do nothing when you sweat at the gym or at work etc but this has become a firm favourite of mine.

Christie xx