The tanned life is the one for me as I’m always happiest when I’m about 4 shades darker than normal. Over the years I’ve tried many different tanning brands so today I wanted to share my favourites and some tips I’ve learned across the way to ensure that perfect tan.

Rimmel Sun shimmer self-tan mousse
Over the last two weeks, I have been testing this tan and it has become a firm favourite of mine. It dries extremely quickly and doesn’t smell like what most fake tans smell like that biscuity kind. I wear the shade dark as anything else just isn’t dark enough for me, haha and as this one is instant, it develops within an hour and produces the most beautiful golden colour. I apply this with my mitt and it always applies so evenly so no streaky elbows or feet for me! I never usually tan my face, I always just match my foundation to my tan but I’ve been using whatever is left on the mitt to coat my face and I haven’t been wearing any skin makeup this weekend as it felt like enough coverage to me.

TOP TIP: Tanning suit
Last week my mum and dad came home with the below, a tanning suit from Savers beauty for £2. Honestly has got to be one of the best things I own. You pop it on after you have applied your tan so it doesn’t transfer onto your sofa, bed, anything in site basically. It’s big and baggy so you feel nice and free, only thing is it is a little see-through so I wouldn’t go answering the door in this haha. I like it that much I went and bought a second one which is kept at my boyfriends so wherever I go, I can be tanned and not get myself in trouble for leaving a trail.

Bondi Sands ultra dark mousse
I think it’s going to become very obvious in this post that I like a mousse tan. I had heard glowing things about Bondi Sands but I had been put off by the price as it’s definitely at the higher band in the market. I caved and bought the ultra dark tan which smells like coconut and produces the most beautiful colour. I love applying this tan as though it takes longer to dry than the Rimmel mousse, it smells gorgeous and I always get complimented on my colour when I have used this.

TOP TIP: Bondi Sands Eraser
When your tan goes like tiger bread I always use the Bondi Sands tan eraser mousse. I apply this all over my body, leave it about 5-10 mins then scrub off in the shower. And when I come out of the shower I’m left my usual milk bottle colour haha. Again on the pricey side but I have liked comparing a variety of brands so I can see what is the best value for money.

Hempz beauty bronzing mousse
Throughout May I was testing out the Hempz Beauty instant sunless bronzing mousse that was kindly sent across to me. Now I can be quite fussy with fake tans as I have tried a lot that just aren’t dark enough for me. I really like this tan but definitely after a few applications. If you’re into a lovely sunkissed glow you will really like this product, whereas for me, it took me a few applications to get that colour that I love! However, building a tan across a week meant that by the time weekend plans came along, I was a lovely sunkissed colour and smelling like yuzu and starfruit.

TOP TIP: Scrubee
Now if the Bondi Sands eraser isn’t quite in your budget then I have a cheaper alternative from Lush that is called Scrubee. Its a gorgeous honey scrub in the shape of Bee which works perfectly for scrubbing the tan off whilst leaving you moisturised too. When I worked at LUSH it was a firm favourite amongst staff and perfect for saving those pennies as it lasts for aaaaages.

Wilkinson sword intuition f.a.b. razor
Before I tan I like to make sure my legs are exfoliated and as smooth as possible. My razor of choice is the Wilkinson sword Intuition f.a.b. razor which has bi-directional blades, meaning that you can move the razor forwards and backwards without lifting it off your skin. The top blade shaves up and the bottom blade shaves down whilst still providing a comfortable shave overall. Shaving can be a bit of a hassle if you’re having to do it every day but since using this it cuts half the time that my old razor did and leaves my skin feeling smooth and cut free. It also features a water activated gel pools which help to protect against any irritation- this I love because my legs used to get so irritated and cut with most razors I’ve tried previously.

I have recommended the Wilkinson sword Hydro sense 5 to my boyfriend and to my dad too which is a 5 blade razor for men. It’s designed to help prevent skin from irritation and features 5 blades to help smooth the skin’s surface whilst helping trim the tight places with ease. My boyfriend has been testing this out over the last few weeks and his shaving rash that normally appears with his old razor has completely disappeared.

If you have any more top tips for getting that perfect tan then please do tell me!

Christie xx