Hayfever season is upon us and I don’t know about you, but I am suffering big time this year. I love summertime and flowers but dear me this year my eyes are streaming and I can’t stop sneezing. This year alongside my hayfever tablets I’ve been using Scope eyes products and they have been a life saver for my poor eyes.

The Hycosan dual eye drops use natural ingredients to help reduce redness, make sure your eyes are moisturised and protect you from pollen, dust and any animal hairs. I’ve been using this every day my hayfever has been acting up and it soothes any discomfort I have and reduces how itchy my eyes get in this weather. Wearing mascara and having hayfever can sometimes be a problem as I find my mascara can irritate my eyes. However, with the ectoin and hyaluronic acid formula, these ingredients combine and form a protective layer. Thus making wearing mascara no problem at all as it stops the product reaching the surface of the area. It’s a nice size as well so perfect to put in your bag or for your hand luggage. It’s also suitable if you wear contact lenses.

Alongside the eye drops, I have also been using a few new products from the brand which make up an HCH regime (heat, cleanse, hydrate).

Optase Moist heat mask
The moist heat mask is designed to give you effective relief from dry eyes by helping to soften eyelash debris and restoring moisture to the eye and any surrounding areas. I’ve tried a few eye masks before but they have always been freezing cold ones you keep in the fridge. Trying a hot mask was new to me but it feels lovely and perfect for relieving dry eyes whilst having a little pamper too.

Optase TTO Lid wipes
The tea tree oil lid wipes come in a box of 20 individually wrapped wipes which provides a ten day supply for you. The wipes contain tea tree and hyaluronic acid which are both known for their anti-bacterial and soothing properties. Alongside these two, the wipes also contain camomile and aloe vera which are both really gentle on the skin and add further hydration to soothe sore eyes. The wipes are great to have on the go and are really gentle and completely soothed my eyes alongside using the other products.

Optase Eye spray
And lastly, I’ve been using the Optase Eye Spray for dry eyes and eyelids. You spray this on closed eyes and the bottle you get can last you up to 300 applications. It’s preservative free so really gentle on the skin and provides immediate relief. Great to have in your handbag so when you’re sat in the sun you have one less thing to worry about.

Thanks to Scope eyes and these 4 products, I’ve been tackling my hayfever and making sure I can enjoy the sunshine without streaming and sniffling away!

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Christie xx