Taking my makeup off and cleaning my skin is definitely one of my favourite parts of the day. I’ve always been a mad skincare fan and the joy that it brings me having clean skin seems to get higher and higher throughout the year haha. I’ve been testing out the Braun Facespa Pro and want to share my thoughts with you about this clever little machine.

The Braun FaceSpa Pro is a clever 3 in 1 facial epilation, cleansing and toning device. Inside the box it has:
– Micro vibration head
– Epilator
– Facial cleansing brush
– A little brush to clean the device
– A storage bag
– A stand for the machine to rest on
– A plug

Micro Vibration head
When I saw this attachment I wasn’t quite sure what it was to be used for but after a quick google, I discovered that it’s for applying your creams and serums. I don’t like touching my skin with my hands and try to avoid this where I can, so this is perfect for helping me tackle that! It took me a bit of getting used to as I had never applied a cream in this way but I’m getting the hang of it now and it distributes it so evenly.

I have a Braun epilator which I use for my bikini line and my legs but I had never tried one for my face before! If you’ve not tried an epilator before it does take a bit of practice and resilience as it can hurt the first few times. If I’m honest I definitely need to work on using this correctly for my eyebrows, I’m so clumsy so I think it’s going to take me a few more times to crack using this. Epilating is great for removing hairs, it enables you to be precise and this device has 200 movements per second so is a lot faster than using a manual tweezer.

Brush and Bag
A little brush comes in the pack which is a handy essential for dusting off the device, especially the epilator attachment. A grey suede bag is also supplied to keep your device, attachments and brush in. I love grey so this was a nice plus. Keeping it all in a bag just makes things so much easier and ensures you don’t lose any of the attachments.

Facial cleansing brush
This is definitely my favourite applicator of the FaceSpa Pro. I love cleaning my face and with this, I feel like it really gets all the dirt out of pores with the vibrations and again means I don’t have to touch my skin so much with my hands. I have used brushes like this before and this one is slightly different as it doesn’t move as much as ones I’ve had before. What I really like about this is that it has a timer so you focus on one area of your face and when the timer stops you move onto the next section meaning that cleansing is equally distributed.

I had such a blonde moment with the stand as I had absolutely no idea that it was a stand and thought that it might be another applicator. It wasn’t until I took it down to my parents that I realised when they were like “honestly christie”. Not my smartest moment at all. But having a stand is super handy as things have a tendency to get lost in my little box room!

Let me know if you love a cleansing machine or prefer to use another method. I’m always open for a skincare recommendation!

I’m very lucky that the FaceSpa Pro was gifted to me, thank you so much I absolutely love it! This was gifted but all views are my own 🙂

Christie xx