If you hadn’t already guessed through reading my blog, I’m very girly and I love sharing all of my best finds! I love makeup and I’m all about having the right tools to apply my makeup the best I possibly can. Today I’m talking about the makeup brushes I have discovered from Wilko, a budget find but an essential!

Last month I bought myself a makeup cleaning machine from Stylpro as I was so bored with how long it took me to clean all of my makeup brushes. I had a good spring clean and got rid of a few brushes I have had for ages that are past their sell by date so I was so happy when I was kindly sent some makeup brushes to review. I love Wilko’s, I’m always popping into them when I’m around town but I had never tried their makeup brushes as I would always just go into Boots or Superdrug.

Let me begin by saying how professional the brushes look. Don’t you think the gold makes them look so sleek and worth a lot of money?! I have 6 brushes and the white cosmetic purse, all of which can be found by clicking here. I’ll talk through each brush and let you know my honest opinions.

1. Luxury Foundation Brush
I don’t usually put my foundation on with a brush, I pump the product onto my face and then blend with a sponge. Switching up my makeup routine a little, I tried putting the foundation on with my brush instead and then using the sponge too and I found that the two really complimented each other. The bristles of this brush are so soft and when I cleaned my makeup brushes, the product practically fell off. Very good quality.

2. Luxury Eyebrow CombI wish that the hair on my head grew as quickly as the hair on my eyebrows does. This brush is so useful for taming my unruly brows and neatening them up before I put my eyebrow gel on from ABH. All of the brushes have an ergonomic handle which means that they are super comfortable to hold and you get the perfect amount of grip too. A steady hand is key when it comes to my eyebrows.

3. Luxury Smokey Eye Duo Brush
I never wear a smokey eye (shock horror) as I’m so boring and always go for neutrals! I went on a night out last weekend so decided to change my makeup and go for a smokey eye with this brush. I hate it when a brush is spikey as my eyes are so sensitive but this brush is so soft, applies my makeup really smoothly and packs the colour on. I used the flat end to put a dark brown right near my eye, sometimes it’s so tricky getting the precision spot on and you look like a Panda but this brush is a perfect size.

4. Luxury Stippler Brush
I have been wanting a stippler brush for ages as I always see people talking about them and have always wondered what the hype is about. Now I know. This brush is soooo soft and makes my skin look flawless when I’m blending in. I wasn’t too sure if a soft brush, as opposed to a hard brush, would give me that flawless look that I was after but this worked surprisingly well!

5. Luxury Eyebrow BrushI love a double ended brush, 2 for the price of 1 and allllll that! Fabulous. Eyebrow brushes are a godsend and, sneaky tip, perfect for brushing down flyaway hairs too. Perfect if you have lots of baby hair like me, even though I’m 23… I used the other end to put on my eyebrows and I used this on my waterline too.

6. Luxury Blusher BlushNow I don’t wear blusher, I’m a bronzey kind of girl but I thought that I would give this go so I borrowed my sister’s blusher. It is sooo soft and distributes the colour so evenly. Sometimes with poor brushes, it picks colour up in certain places and makes you look like a clown. I’m not a huge blush fan so I used this to apply my bronzer and it went on lovely!

7. Natural Cosmetic Purse
And I now have a lovely cosmetic purse to store all of my brushes, perfect if you’re forever losing things like me! Plus, a bright white colour makes it super easy to find in your packed bag and is nice and simple.

I posted a photo on Instagram of these brushes and had lots of lovely comments from my followers saying that they wanted to try them or had tried them before and loved them. Seems like I’m not the only fan!! xxx