Now that summer is almost here (kinda..sorta…not really) I can finally start wearing my pretty dresses and skirts and lounge in the sun. However, as the weather gets hotter its also important to stay smelling nice and fresh but not feel sticky in the heat. So today I’m going to share what summer scents I’m going to be wearing this year.

1. 4711
4711 is a unisex, traditional German Cologne which is available to buy from Boots and Amazon. It’s a mix of bergamot, lemon and orange and is said to revitalise the mind, body and soul. Lemon and orange are some of my favourite scents as I love fresh and citrusy smells. Lavender and rosemary are in there too relax and give a positive attitude. I’m all for the positive vibes so I love anything that helps contribute towards that. I love this cologne as it smells so fresh and is strong, yet not overpowering. You can also get this in splash sprays and a cooling stick too.

2. Black Rose
Black Rose is a perfume that represents the era of the 50’s, a time which reminds me of the romance but also the glamour. The packaging is very sleek and simple, which I really like as it feels classy and elegant. I really like sweet and girly smells so this is perfect as it has a very feminine scent. It lasts all day and everyone in my house keeps on complimenting me when I wear it. So much that my mum keeps on wanting to use it too! She’s a big fan haha ๐Ÿ™‚ The bottle is a good size which is so important as so many brands have gorgeous bottles but not a lot of product! This one’s a winner for me so thank you Fuel PR for sending this across!

3. Impulse sprays
I love a body spray, they’re so quick, fun and easy so I was really glad when I was kindly sent an Impulse package featuring two of their new body sprays. I have two scents: 1. Burnt marshmallow and leather jacket 2. White lace and muddy grass. When I received these scents I was so amused by the title as they’re quite unusual in comparison to most body sprays in the shops! However, with an open mind I first tried the Burnt Marshmallow scent and o m g I love it. It literally smells like half marshmallows and you do get that leathery smell sometimes too. Quite a weird combination but it’s so nice and sweet and those kind of scents are my favourites.

Next, I tried the White Lace and Muddy Grass. Now, this isn’t a scent I would typically go for as I do like to use more girly and feminine scents. However, I really really like this. I have hayfever so I was like “hmm is muddy grass going to set me off” but it doesn’t strongly smell of grass, it’s more of a fresh scent. I’ve been alternating and putting one or the other in my bag for work so after my dinner (consisting of cheese most likely) I can smell nice and fresh before I go back to my desk!

All of these products were kindly gifted to me but all of my thoughts are genuine. Thank you so much for sending across, I really appreciate all the blogger mail I receive ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a lovely day everyone,
Christie xx