This week I’ve been trying out three flavours from Riise breakfast: apple pii, blueberrii and nordic berrii as my morning breakfast before I leave for work. Riise breakfast is the UK’s 1st plant-based breakfast company so I was excited when they got in touch and I had the chance to taste some of their products.

I’ve just started a new job and as I’m getting into a completely new routine, I don’t always have the time to make a big breakfast which means I’m always hungry in work. At the moment I would rather spend more time sleeping than making sure I have enough time to have a big breakfast so a quick easy substitute works great for me. Though I know this isn’t always ideal, I found that these bottles were a great way to make sure I get enough sleep but also feel full.

So, on day 1 I tried Nordic berrii, I had a feeling that apple pii would be favourite so I saved that one until last. The texture of the breakfast solutions is quick thick in comparison to previous smoothie style things I have tried in the past. The solution has a few chunks in it too but as soon as I realised this it’s really easy to drink. I never drink drinks with bits in so this was a little change for me but one that I didn’t mind.

What I really like is the packaging of the bottles. On the back, it has a little infographic that tells you that 1 bottle of Riise breakfast is equivalent to a bowl of porridge, almonds and fruit. Which I was a bit shocked about as the bottles are cute and small so you wouldn’t think that it would fill you up. Completely wrong though as each day I drank this before my shift began, I was left feeling a lot more full and not reaching for any snacks before my lunch hour.

The shakes are vegan and contain no added sugar so sometimes the taste isn’t so sweet. I found that as the solutions contain rice and pea protein, the taste isn’t quite sweet but isn’t savoury either. Bit of a weird one but I kinda liked it! Riise make healthy and convenient breakfasts so if you’re a busy gal like me they will be perfect for fitting into your busy schedule!

You can check out the Riise breakfast facts and products on their website, click here to find out more about what the company has to offer.

Christie xx