I love having a bath, it’s my favourite thing to do after a long week (or day!) to get in the tub and have a nice soak. I used to work at LUSH so I’m all about a bubble bath and I throw anything in to properly indulge. I’ve been testing out the Olverum bath oil the last week as I’ve been so achy and just wanted some time to relax.

Olverum oil is a therapeutic bath oil which contains 10 pure essential oils including lavender, juniper and lemon peel. I love anything with lemon in and I love how fresh and citrusy this oil is scented. Lavender based products are also great for having a nice relaxing sleep, so I always had a bath with this oil right before bed so I could be as relaxed as possible.

It’s a great way of relaxing and easing up the muscles, especially after the gym, as it’s smell is really relaxing and it leaves your skin beautifully soft.

I still have about half of my bottle left so I can get a few more relaxing baths out of this.

Maybe it’s time to run a bath right now…

Check out https://www.olverum.com/

Christie xx