Today I’m talking you through my hair care routine, I did an update in December I think it was but since then I have discovered some amazing products that I want to share with you.

1. Nanogen Root Boost Spray
I have been using this spray the last week and a half every time before I blow dry my hair and o m g what a difference it makes. My hair is already thick but sometimes it’s just a bit lifeless. It just goes out instead of up haha and leaves me looking like Hagrid instead of having a nice bouncy blow. It smells amazing and the packaging is so sleek. I spritz this on as it’s said to lift and thicken the hair, fading any visible signs of sun damage. It also protects your hair from potential sun damage. Hopefully, Manchester will stay sunny in the next few months, I’ll be using this hair staple to get me through.

2. Palmers Coconut Oil Dry Oil Mist
I cannot get ENOUGH of coconut. If a hair product has coconut in it or smells like coconut then I am absolutely sold. This dry mist oil is for dry, damaged or colour treated hair. My hair has been very damaged in the past, can tend to be dry and I have bleached highlights. I carry this on me at all times and spray it whenever I can. Smells amazing, doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky and leaves my hair in a beautiful silky soft condition. I’ve also been using this on my extensions and it works a treat on them too.

3. Fudge Sea Salt Spray
I had never tried a sea salt spray at all until this one! I had heard loads of bloggers go on about sea salt sprays so I’m so glad I have got on the hype as this makes my hair so nice and beachy. Giving me the beach vibes without actually going to the beach. Even though I wish I was at one… I love the packaging of this product, plus I’ve heard great things about Fudge hair care products so I’m really happy that I have finally got to try their products out. The lifelong fan now. Love the smell of this one too, I hate it when hair care products have no smell. I’m all for a lovely scent and nice packaging so this ticks all my boxes.

4. Palmers Olive Oil Conditioning Spray Oil
Another godsend Palmers product. Love their brand, love their packaging and LOVE their products. With this product, a little goes a LONG way. I accidentally coated my hair in this and got a bit too spray happy and had to wash my hair again haha. A little spritz from a distance leaves your hair (and hair extensions) beautifully soft. Palmers always leave your hair in a great condition.

Do you have any great product recommendations?

Christie xx