I’m living the blonde life recently as a few weeks ago I got blonde highlights put back into my hair and my natural root has been left. When you’re blonde it’s so easy for the colour to look brassy, so it’s important that you keep the blonde looking as fresh as possible. This week I’ve been testing out Joico haircare to see if my blonde hair could be given a revamp.

I was kindly gifted the Joico blonde hair care range which consists of the brightening shampoo and conditioner, brightening masque and the brightening veil. Now I have tried many blonde hair care products over the years and it’s hard to find a blonde hair shampoo and conditioner in particular, that leave your hair bright but that make it feel soft too. I have tried a variety of brands and each shampoo leaves my hair blonder but feeling like straw.

The Joico Shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and really nourish your hair. Most blonde shampoos are a bright purple, this one is a metallic gold colour but conditions the hair as you use it. The first one that I have tried anyway that doesn’t leave my hair feeling dehydrated. I really like to use the hair masque after I have conditioned my hair. I’ve been leaving this on for anything between 10-30 minutes.

When I come to blow dry my hair, I spray this all over my hair and then proceed to a curly blow dry. The spray has UV and Thermal defence so is a great multitasker and also adds shine to your hair whilst combatting frizz.

The Joico Blonde range completely changes the colour of my hair and take out all of the brassy tones whilst leaving my hair lovely and soft. It changes my blonde highlights to a nice clean blonde colour and I’m so pleased! I could tell I would instantly like this product after just one use but after two weeks of trying it out, I’m more than impressed.

These products were kindly gifted to me, however, all views are my own 🙂

Christie xx