Last week my beautiful hair extensions from Hair Rehab London got delivered and made me an extremely happy human. I’ve had lots of lovely feedback about my extensions so I thought I would write a post on how I look them and keep my extensions looking brand new.

I have the HRL 20″ luxe hair extensions in the shade ‘Lauren’s Locks’, if you’re curious about HRL extensions then click here and you can read my review of them. It’s so important to look after your hair extensions as they are for 1. very expensive so you want to treat them like gold and 2. the better you look after your hair extensions the nicer they look overall. I’ve discovered some products that really help me

I brush my hair extensions using the Wet Brush Epic Extension hair brush which is specifically designed for hair extensions. The bristles are super thin and strong which is ideal for extensions, especially if they are clip ins. They have Softips at the top of the bristles which massage the scalp and ensure that when brushing it does not pull your hair. This brush glides through my hair extensions, even if they’re super knotty.

I also use the Smooth it out detangling brush from Phil Smith on my hair too before and after my extensions are in. It’s a good idea to brush your extensions each day (even if you’re not wearing them) so they remain untangled and in great condition. When I wash and blow dry my hair, I’m using this beautiful rainbow brush as it has zigzag bristles which are super thin but strong enough to glide through my hair. I have the tangle teezer as well but this glides through even smoother than that brush! My natural hair is very curly so it does get knotty so easily but this brush sorts it right out and also gives your head a nice massage whilst using. The bristles don’t get bent and bounce back to their original shape, perfect for leaving my hair smooth. It’s available for £4.50 at Sainsburys.

When I received my hair extensions, there were some aftercare instructions included which instructed to wash your hair extensions once a month and leave them to dry naturally instead of blow drying them. When I wash them I use a blonde shampoo to bring out the highlights and I leave the conditioner on for about ten minutes.

I’m loving my hair extensions and if you have any tips for me of how to look after them I would love to hear them 🙂

Christie x