Last week I made an order from Hair Rehab London, the hair extension brand owned by Lauren Pope. I love hair extensions and over the years I’ve tried many different brands and have been lots of different colours. So today’s post is a review on Hair Rehab London clip in extensions and I’ll explain how I found my perfect shade, what I thought of the service and the quality of the hair extensions so heads up that this post is a lengthy one.

So many years ago when my hair was platinum blonde, I had a hairdresser who used too much percentage of bleach in my hair and when the bleach was applied my head felt like it was burning. Shortly after this my hair became so damaged I had to have it all cut off and ever since then I have really struggled to get it to grow. Over a year ago I dyed my hair a dark brown in order to get my hair healthy, which it did but it wasn’t exactly growing. My hair grows roughly to about my shoulders and then decides to stop. Very annoying when you want lovely long locks like I did when I was 18 years old.

Over the last few years, I’ve tried a number of hair extension brands when my hair was platinum, blonde, brown, grey and pink so I feel like quite the hair extension pro when it comes to knowing what I want and for what price. About 3 years ago roughly I ordered a synthetic ponytail from Hair Rehab London (HRL) when I was platinum blonde and I wore this on my 21st birthday. I loved it but typically I changed my hair colour shortly afterwards meaning I bought new extensions. Rather than thinking sensibly and buying a human pair of extensions, I could dye any colour that I wanted as and when I changed my mind, I’ve spent a lot of money over the years investing in cheap extensions and overall I have probably spent more doing so.

Now that my hair history is briefly over, as my hair is in good condition at the moment I decided that I really wanted to invest in some good quality, human hair extensions. As I mentioned, my hair struggles to grow so though my hair is super thick, extensions would give me the length that I wanted. I decided to invest in human hair as this way they will last a lot longer and I can style them as I would if it were my own hair. I had a look around at what the different brands could offer me and I found that with HRL they could offer me the thickest hair extensions for the best price. I could cheaper elsewhere, however, the weight of the extensions is what I need to focus on and HRL matched that in every category.

HRL has a great colour match service where you upload a photo of yourself and send it away, the team then get back to you with the shade that they recommend that you are. You can alternatively look on the website and Instagram to get a clear idea and then order your colour that way too. When the enquiries team got back to me it turns out that I was actually in between 2 shades so I was a bit unsure of which colour to actually pick. The team were really helpful and suggested sending more photos, so I did this and then gambled for one of the colours.

I ordered the 20-inch luxe clip in extensions in the shade ‘Lauren’s locks’. Now, on social media, there aren’t many photos of anyone with this shade which was worrying me a bit as before they came I wasn’t too sure if they would be the right colour. However, on youtube, if you scroll back on Lauren Pope’s videos, in her very first few she is wearing the ‘Lauren’s locks’ shade so it was great to see what they looked like. Plus, if you’re this shade too then if you look on my Instagram @glitterati._ you can see exactly what it looks like on me and that will give you an idea of the shade you are!

I paid for next day delivery as I am very impatient when it comes to products that are exciting. That week I ordered I was actually supposed to be having hair extensions put in professionally at a salon, but after a last minute cancellation I decided to go with clip-ins instead as then I can choose between long and short hair and knowing me, one day I will fancy short hair instead. I was heading off to work so I really was hoping that they would arrive in time which they did- hooray! I had freshly washed my hair that morning with blonde shampoo so when I took the extensions out I was a little worried because they didn’t quite look the right colour and then I was debating whether I should have ordered the other shade. None the less, I decided to stick with them and make it work.

That day on my lunch break I went to Superdrug and bought a brown root spray as I have a root drag in my hair so wanted to blend the extensions as much as I possibly could. The next day with non-freshly washed hair, I clipped the extensions in (I had applied the root spray to them as well) and they looked perfect! Literally the perfect match. I’ve found that when I freshly wash my hair my extensions will be slightly the wrong shade but after a day or two they blend in perfectly.

Overall I’m so pleased with the service and quality of the HRL extensions. They’re sooo soft and I was kindly gifted two brushes a while back which are perfect for combing through the hair extensions. I’m going to write a separate post all about how I look after my hair, hair extensions and how I apply them. If you have any questions about clip in extensions or this brand in particular then please let me know and we can chat 🙂

Speak soon,
Christie xx