Chocolate is my fave and especially when it’s good for you. Let me introduce you to Benefit Chocolate, a UK family brand which has a 85% cacao dark chocolate range and has 3 different types of chocolate to try: Energy, Vitamins and Protein. They also have a new range coming out which is Milk Chocolate (yum!) which I can’t wait to try.

I was kindly sent 3 bars of the Energy Dark Chocolate which I was really happy about as I have a busy schedule and I need energy haha. Meant to be! I’m a sucker for a snack and this was perfect to have on my lunch break or when I’m out and about. Inside the bar it has 3 key vitamins including B12, everyone is going on about B12 at the moment so if chocolate can give it me than I am sold.

Now, with dark chocolate, I think it is an acquired taste. To me, it tastes quite bitter and I naturally go for milk chocolate or white chocolate more. However, dark chocolate is really good for you so I want to start incorporating it into my life more. Here’s why:
– studies have shown it can improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease
– it can be very nutritious
– contains stimulants like caffeine which gives you an energy boost
– dark chocolate may improve brain function

With anything that’s a bit different to what you would normally eat, I think you have to try it a few times to get used to it. I never really have dark chocolate so I was happy when Benefit Chocolate got in touch as it was a chance to try something new. And now I’m trying to incorporate more dark chocolate considering it’s so good for you!

I do have my eye on the milk chocolate range though 😉

Christie xx