If you are what you eat then I am an Arden’s Twist or a pot of humous haha. I can’t get enough of crackers and humous/any kind of dip at the moment so I was over the moon when I was kindly sent an Arden’s package full of my snacking dreams.

Arden’s are a family of foodies and as a bit of a foodie myself, who doesn’t love a snack?! (or a whole load of snacks in my case). I generally have the same thing for dinner every day because at work I only have a limited time on my break so I need something really quick. When I received all my goodies I wanted to try out something different to put in my lunchbox each day and Arden’s ended up being the perfect alternative.

I began by trying the ‘Mediterranean tomato and basis twists’ with a pot of garlic and herb Philadelphia. I’ve gone a bit humous mad at the moment so I wanted to break it up a little and try out some new dips. In the long run, these twists ended up being my favourite so I really wish I had saved them until last! The flavour really reminds me of a pasta sauce and the rich tomato flavour was lovely. I like tomatoes but often find that when things say they are tomato flavoured, they aren’t that strong. The Mediterranean twists are light and really tasty. Normally, I’m not a huge puff pastry fan as it can be quite messy but with Arden’s, I didn’t have this problem and these were a firm fave. I also had a box of the Gruyere and Spinach Twists – the twists are just so easy to enjoy as they’re light, mess free and you do feel full. Whether that’s because I ate the whole box I’ll never know but I’ll leave that one up to you haha…

Coming in at a close second were the smoked salmon and dill melts. I love smoked salmon if its on a menu I will always order it without a second thought. I was really excited to try these and, to be honest, I didn’t quite know what to expect of a choux pastry snack with salmon inside. I’ve never tried choux pastry and smoked salmon together as I usually have salmon on a bagel or in an afternoon tea package- and I’ve never tried dill before either. I loved these melts, I have never in my life tried something with that texture before but I really enjoyed it. Sometimes you find that with pastry products, there is simply too much pastry and not enough filling but the smoked salmon melts had a perfect balance and were really moreish. I also loved the sour cream flavour but the smoked salmon was a winner for me (and for my mum too!)

I’m not usually a huge fan of spice and I do try to avoid hot foods if I can, so when I packed the Fiery Chilli and Spelt Oaty Thins in my lunchbox, I put a tub of plain hummus to go with it just in case I found them too spicy. When I had opened the box the night before I was quite surprised with what they looked like. In my head, I thought they were going to be a really thin cracker but they looked more like a biscuit. They come in little packs of 5 which is perfect for your lunch box as it’s already sorted for you! Plus, you get a lot of packets in the box too so are really getting your money’s worth. Now, I wasn’t expecting this to have a kick- I know they said fiery chilli flavour but normally when things say they are spicy they aren’t. Considering I’m not a spice fan, I did really enjoy this but I am glad I had my hummus with me to cool them down a little bit. The texture is a bit like a biscuit rather than your alternative Jacob’s cracker for example but I really liked this as I left my lunch break feeling full instead of my stomach rumbling at the desk. Arden’s also do a Cracked black pepper and spelt version which is a firm favourite with me. I loveeeeeee black pepper and with these oaty spelts, I enjoyed them without any dip at all as they’re so moreish!

I’m still making my way through the remainder of my oaty thins so I did a little research and what’s really handy is on Arden’s website they have a recipes section. I’m creating a recipe section on my blog very soon as I want to start trying out some new recipes this summer, so I really like it when websites have a recipe section so I can get some inspiration and try out some new foods. I have my eye on the Feta and Herb Humous (what a surprise) as that’s been one of the things that’s on the top of my list to make considering the amount I go through each week. You can find loads more recipes to try with your snacks by clicking here ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Let me know if you have tried Arden’s products before and any recipes that you recommend or have tried! I would love to know.

Thank you Ardens for sending this across to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Christie xx