Life is too short to say no to a cake, so when a Bakerdays cake is offered to you, you say yes as fast as you can! Today I’m writing about the lovely letterbox cakes from Bakerdays as I kindly had one sent to me and sometimes, you just need to see a good cake pic and order yourself one!

Bakerdays allows you to create personalised, unique cakes, cupcakes and balloons. You simply choose the size, design, recipe and then you can personalise it with a special message or photos! Whatever you want, Bakerdays can do it. I choose the rose bouquet style as I love pink tones and flowers and I had this personalised with ‘happy anniversary’ on top. The Glitterati Girl turns 1 this month and I’ve been with Harry a year and a half today so double celebrations! And what better way to celebrate than with food.

Food is definitely the way to my heart and especially a sweet treat. I picked the victoria sponge flavour as birthday cake style is my favourite kind of cake. Can’t go wrong with a Victoria Sponge. It’s called a letterbox cake because as the name says, it fits through your letterbox. However, as I have two noisy dogs who bark any time the door goes, when I saw the postman I made sure to open the door before my dogs caught wind of his arrival. They love human food, just not our postman haha!

It also comes in a cute cake tin which you can keep!

If you’re sold already then click here to get your cake personalised and ordered! ๐Ÿ™‚

Testing the cake…well someone had to do it! The cake was lovely, I’m a huge fan of icing so this is always the best part for me. The cake itself is nice and light doesn’t feel too stodgy when you eat it!

I have very kindly been given a 15% discount code for my readers to use, so get ordering and eating with GLITTERATIGIRL15 ๐Ÿ™‚  It expires on the 31st May so you have to be fast!

Enjoy eating your cake as much as I did.

Christie xx