Last week I got one of the most exciting blogger packages that I have ever received, I got a pack from Fruitbowl, a brand that 8-year-old me used to absolutely love. I feel like everyone my age remembers Fruitbowl and probably had some of their tasty products at some point in their life. Whether you’re 8 or 23 like me, I still love them just as much as I did back then.

You should have seen my face when I opened up the parcel and seen all of the snacks I used to have when I was little (especially the school bars!!!!). Food is the way to my heart and Fruitbowl brings back all kind of nostalgia for me. I’ve just started a new job and I’m adjusting to a new life routine. Sometimes I choose to sleep in rather than get up and get a good meal, very bad habit I know… but having a healthy snack is something I can grab on the way as it’s so quick and easy. The packaging is really cute too- my mum is a teacher and has taken the box to school haha.

Now I have tried many Fruitbowl products over the years but we probably haven’t had them in the house now for a good few years. I didn’t live at home for a few years whilst I began University, so maybe we did have them in all along and I’ve been missing out! I was sent a variety of the products to try, some that I had tried before and some that were completely new to me.

I’m a huge fan of yoghurt coated raisins, it’s like my brain convinces me that it’s a chocolate sweet treat when actually it’s reasonably healthy. I took a packet of these to work in my lunch box instead of a chocolate bar but after I had these I wasn’t craving chocolate like I do most times I have some fruit or a fruit-based product. I love the fruit flakes, when I was younger I used to have the strawberry flavour but this time around I got to try the mango and blackcurrant flakes too. The mango flakes were my faaaaave. I absolutely love mango, it’s my favourite fruit and these taste so good. Really I should have saved these until last but they were the first ones I had out of my pack!

In school, I used to have the Fruitbowl school bars and I remember none of my friends knew what they were until I kept on bringing them in. The school bars again taste so sweet but they are good for you! The apple one is my favourite.

Thank you so much Fruitbowl for sending this across to me, one of my favourite blogger mail packages I have ever received!!

Have a great day everyone,
Christie xx