A few weeks ago I was kindly invited along to the Gin Festival at Victoria Baths in Manchester to enjoy a night of gin tasting with my boyfriend Harry. The day before I had upgraded my phone from an iPhone to the Google Pixel 2, so I decided to leave my camera at home and test out the camera on my new phone to see the comparison.

I have never been to Victoria Baths before but I do know that it used to be an old swimming bath so I was really excited to see if it still looked the way that it used to. When we walked in we were greeted at the reception desk and I was given my blogger pack. I felt very official as I was given a blogger lanyard, I love little perks like this and it’s proudly hanging up in my room.

We began the night by entering the room directly in front of us where we had a selection of companies offering samples of their gin. It was really interesting to talk to the different brands and try gin. Especially as me and Harry never really drink it, so it was great to try something new. I’m a big sweet drink lover so I loved all the sweet tasting and fruity gins. I’m not a huge lover of tonics so I was trying the gin samples with lemonade instead. The Schweppes table kindly gave me some samples of tonic to try, I picked one of the lemon ones which I’m really excited to try when the weather gets a little sunnier and I can sit in my garden.

Walking into the main room was so cool as it literally looks exactly the same as the photos that I had been researching. Me and Harry loved the changing rooms and had some fun getting some boomerangs for Instagram of us opening the curtains. The decoration of the room was perfect, it had a nice relaxed vibe and everyone was so friendly.

In the main room, I chose an apple and blackberry gin that was right up my street. I love alcohol where it’s incredibly fruity and this tasted just like juice so I was onto a winner.

We had a great night and I would like to thank Laura from the Gin festival for allowing me and Harry to go. It was great to explore a different area of Manchester and try some gin of course!

Let’s see where I explore next…

Christie xx