April has been a great and busy month for me so I’ve been really looking forward to writing this month’s 10 happy thoughts. It’s been a month of new beginnings, a fresh outlook and happy times so keep on reading if you want to hear what I’ve been up to this month.

1. Halloumi fries
This month I tried Halloumi fries from Luck, lust, liquor and burn in the Northern Quarter. On the way to the restaurant, I got my foot stuck in a grid and went flying, so a huge portion of halloumi fries was essential. I’m obsessed with halloumi and if you are from Manchester and are too obsessed, then it’s definitely worth a visit.

2. NCS training
At the end of summer I’m going to be working for the NCS for 3 weeks so this month I had a 2-day training session getting me prepared for the role. I had lots of fun and I can’t wait now to do it. But at the same time, I’m not wishing my summer away!!

3. The Lovin MCR social media awards
My lovely friend Lucy is a journalist for Lovin Manchester and kindly invited me along to the Lovin Manchester social media awards at Cloud 23 in the Hilton Hotel. It was a gorgeous night filled with cocktails, lots of awards and happy people. It’s nice dressing up. I haven’t been on a night out in April as I’ve been sooo busy so this was a nice chance to get dressed up.

4. The last day of my placement year
April marked the last day of my University placement year after 9 months of working at Shop Direct. My last day was amazing and I got so many beautiful gifts which I’m currently trying to make my way through. We went for a meal after work to Lucha Libre which was very nice. I’m sad to have left placement but very glad I’m not commuting 5 hours a day. It was a great experience to have but I’m excited for the next chapter of my life.

5. I got a new job!
I left placement year on the Friday and started my new summer job on Monday. I like being busy so wanted to dive straight into work and so far I’m really enjoying it! Plus working in Manchester again feels beautiful.

6. I’m back blonde
Woo hoo I’m back blonde again. I’ve been every hair colour over the last few years but blonde was always my favourite and one that I knew I would go back to. I get my extensions put in next week and honestly am so excited!

7. Back to blogging
After a hectic 9 months on placement yer, I’m now back to blogging as I have time to get some great photos and time to write. It’s not that I didn’t have time before, my time was just limited and I always felt so tired after work after the long commute.

8. Theatre
On Tuesday me and Harry are off to the theatre to see Miss Saigon and I can’t wait. I love going to the theatre and I really should go more, to be honest. I have a few things I want to see this year so I’m going to dedicate more time to see shows.

9. Blogger mail
I feel very lucky this month as I’ve been sent a lot of blogger mail to get myself back into the swing of things. I can’t wait to get trialling and testing and sharing my thoughts with you all. I’m working with some really great brands and I have some great products to recommend!

10. Happiness.
This month has gone very quickly and has been a whirlwind of emotions. I felt ready to leave my placement but saying bye to everyone and trying not to cry on my last day was hard. I feel proud of myself for securing a job for straight after placement year and so far I’m really enjoying it. I feel really happy and content at the moment.

Goals for May are:
– start taking more outfit pictures of myself
– blog at least 5 times this month
– upcycle my new mirror

Speak next month!

Christie xx