As I mentioned in last months 10 happy thoughts I’ve been so excited to write about 10 things I’ve enjoyed this month as March has been great. It’s actually been hard narrowing this down to just 10 but I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed them happening 🙂 It’s nearly the end of April now as I write this, really need to get my timings better!


1. I got Pinterest
       I’m very late to the whole Pinterest game I know but I have downloaded it and I’m absolutely hooked. I’ve created lots of different boards to help me decide what colour I wanted my hair, fashion inspiration and some really handy tips on how to get the most out of my camera! This will be a great app to use when we buy a house so I can get lots of design inspo

      2. Styling Assistant
       At the beginning of the month, I became a Styling/Set assistant for the day for a startup linen brand. I was based in Stockport and it was my job to help assemble and paint the furniture and assist with the visual merchandising of the set. One of my new year’s resolutions was to add more experience to my CV and we’re off to a cracking start.

          3. New Journal 
       In order to stay more positive and motivated, I bought a little journey from Waterstones where you write down your monthly goals, visions, projects etc in order to help gather your thoughts and keep you on track. I’m really enjoying writing it so far as I’m a very visual person so I like writing down all my thoughts and the accomplishment of ticking them off my list.

       4. Catching up with friends
 As my placement year is coming to an end I have had a lot of holidays to use up before I leave. So, I   have been booking a few days off and catching up with my closest friends. As much as I’ve loved placement I’m looking forward to being back in Manchester again and having a little bit more time to catch up with my besties.
5. Gin Blogging event
This month myself and Harry attending a Gin blogging event at Victoria Baths. It was a great night and it was so cool to see the inside of Victoria Baths which used to be a swimming pool!

6. My new phone
I upgraded my iPhone to the Google Pixel 2 and I am absolutely loving it. I’ve transitioned from an Iphone 6 to the Pixel and so far the only thing that I am missing is the blue text but I’m sure that’s something I will quickly get over.

7. Haircut and colour
This month I got my hair cut and coloured. It always makes me feel better when I have fresh hair. I’ve been trying out lots of products still but no immediate hair growth just yet. Extensions may be an option.

           8. Photoshoots 
      This month I finally after 23 years and lots of indecisiveness, I decided (I think) that photography or something related is the route I want to go down when I graduate. In order to get a head start I have been organising photo shoots in order to gain some more experience and teach myself how to get the most out of my camera. You’ll see my blog in the next few months being filled with photographs from my shoots and will get to see who I have the pleasure of photographing.

9. New Instagram
       So these last few happy thoughts are all to do with photography as I’ve had quite a bit happening! A few days ago I took the plunge and created a new Instagram specifically for my photography. It’s a risk as I think we can all relate to the changes in the Instagram chronological order and posts not being seen, but I’m going to keep at it and track my progress. If you want to have a look at my work then you can find me over at @glitterati_snaps on Instagram.

          10. Making the website 
       Not even 24 hours after opening the @glitterati_snaps Instagram account I got my first regram after tagging Keep it Bright in my photograph as my model was wearing their design. The photo was posted onto the @keepitbright Instagram account and I then received a message from the creator who asked if she could use my photograph as a product image on her clothing website! I was and still am so pleased with this J
March has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what April has in store for me. April will be interesting as my 9-month University placement at Shop Direct comes to an end and my new summer journey begins…whatever that may be.
I’ll keep you posted anyway but until then…
Christie xx