Okay so we’re practically half way through March now but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time to write a blog post and talk about my #10happythoughts of February! So lets go…

1.       Opened a joint bank account
In February myself and Harry opened our joint bank account together as we are saving for a house! How exciting. Though our heads aren’t quite round mortgages, bills etc it’s good to finally make a start of saving for the future. Plus I get a buzz when I transfer money into it haha.

2.       Valentines Day
Valentines Day is one of my favourite days of the year and this year it didn’t disappoint as Harry got me so many lovely gifts. If you want to see what I got then click here.

3.       No heat on my hair challenge
I set myself a challenge at the end of January that for a whole month (and however long I want to carry it on for) that I would use no heat on my hair whatsoever. No straighteners, no hair dryer and most importantly…no curly blow drys L I lasted 6 weeks without heat on my hair and in that time my hair has grown very slightly, is in much better condition and looks so much healthier! Rochelle Humes even liked my photo!

4.       NCS Job
As my placement year from University is coming to an end I’m starting to look for summer jobs and applied to work at NCS The Challenge. I went for the interview and got the job hooray so I begin there late summer time!

5.       Back to the gym
After avoiding the gym for a good 3 months I finally went back and though I’m not there every day like I once was, progress is progress and I’m looking forward to seeing how much stronger I become.

6.       Teddy
Me and Harry went to see Teddy at the Lowry which we loved! You can read my blog post about that here. We love going to the theatre and this year we will be seeing Blood Brothers. I’m also going to see Mamma Mia this year too.
7.       Ed Sheeran Tickets
I got Ed Sheeran tickets wooo hoo. I haven’t actually been to a concert before so I’m really excited to go and see Ed.
8.       Date day
Date day this month was a trip to Yard and Coop and going to see the Greatest Showman and have a tango ice blast. I haven’t been to the cinema in ages but we both really enjoyed the show and I enjoyed my tango ice blast obvs.
9.       I got my deposit back
I finallllllly after 9 long months got my deposit back from my uni house I lived in during second year. Well, I’ve got most of it back and shall get the remainder in April
10.   My dogs
I finally got a spare weekend and spent it with the dogs taking photos of them and making a dog video.
Overall Feb was a good month but as I’m writing this in March, I can’t wait to write about my 10 happy thoughts for March as this has been a smashing month so far.
Until then…
Christie x