It’s the month of love which means I’ve gone into giddy mode as valentines day is one of my favourite days of the entire year. I love romance lol, always have and I know that my love can be celebrated 365 days of the year and valentines day is no excuse etc… but it’s still my fave! I thought I would do a post showing you what I got off Harry 🙂

First up… Lush goodies

I can’t get enough of LUSH, I literally like every single thing from the shop so it’s always a good go-to present for me. I got titsy totsy which is now dyed pink (lavvvvvly), think pink which I used last night and had a nice hot pink bath with and the unicorn horn bubble bar. He knows me very well as these are some of my favourite bath products that LUSH sells.

Flowers, a dog balloon and a unicorn!

Getting into the car to be greeted with a bunch of flowers was lovely. When we got home I walked in to a huge bag of surprises, one of them being this dog balloon I keep on awwing at haha. I’m too soft lol I just love dogs so much! Andddd my unicorn yay. Ever since I was little I’ve been obsessed with unicorns, so this was a very fitting present!

 Lillie’s and roses are my favourite. I can’t wait at the end of the week to press the flower petals so I can keep them forever. Every time Harry gets me flowers I save the petals and keep them in a little box so I can one day think of a lovely crafty project with them.

I also received some chocolate and sweets but they’re gone already lol so no point photographing empty boxes!

Pink fluffy bag

I was completely surprised by this gorgeous handbag that he ordered for me from Pretty Little Thing. I mentioned this bag to Harry aaaages ago as a passing comment like “look how me that bag is” and I genuinely wasn’t hinting either! But this was such a lovely surprise, always nice when you know someone’s listening and paying attention 🙂

I had such a fab day celebrating and I’m so happy with all of my lovely presents! <3

Christie xx