Last Tuesday me and my boyfriend went to go and see ‘Teddy’ at The Lowry in Manchester after I was invited to visit by the press team. It was an amazing night and we both absolutely loved the show and have been talking about it all week. I’ve never wrote a review for a play before so I’m hoping that I do it justice!

Teddy is based in 1950s London and ‘the teds’- Britains first teen movement and one that did have a reputation for violence. Stop reading here if you don’t want to read any spoilers as I’m going to discuss the characters, plot and what we thought of the play overall.


Summary: Josie and Teddy happen to meet one night, two polar opposites at times but both bring out the best in each other. A story of teenage rebellion, romance and how far one will go for success.

Teddy is described as ‘the musical birth of a teenage revolution’ which I think is an extremely accurate description of the play. From the get-go, its quite different to any shows that we have seen before as it features a live band and two main characters Josie and Teddy who act out the whole story. The play begins with live music from Johnny Valentine and the Broken Hearts- I have seen a lot of shows but I’ve never seen one with live music where the band are actually characters within the play. The set remains consistent throughout the show which at first I was like “hmm” at as I wasn’t too sure if I would be able to follow the storyline if the background was still the same. However, you get completely involved with both characters as they were absolutely fantastic.

Josie throughout the show is wearing a tux which I loved and straight away you got an idea of the sort of character that she would be. She’s a very confident woman, self-assured and at times comes across as quite arrogant- but in a charming way. Josie is played by Molly Chesworth who trained at The Oxford School of Drama- which was evident as you really got involved with her character and was secretly rooting for her to show her feelings to Teddy. Well, I was anyway, that’s the romantic in me haha not too sure if Harry was hoping that they would kiss.

Teddy is played by George Parker who studied drama at Manchester University (yay). His character I found so loveable, funny and relatable. Me and Harry loved the scene where he is trying to impress her and we loved that eventually, he starts to break down her barriers and defend her from Tully.

The show is really good at tearing your emotions. I really wanted Josie and Teddy to be together as at first, I thought that they were a really good influence on each other. Josie made Teddy more confident and self-assured, whilst Teddy made Josie a little softer and open to romance. However, the scene at the end where they rob a pawn shop, I was sat in my seat like “nooo”. Sign of good acting there as I was sat in the audience disapproving morally of their actions. It was so believable, I felt so naive as an audience member like I felt that I should tell them “no don’t rob the shop that’s not a good idea”. However, this part of the show perfectly showed for me, the naivety we can experience when we either get in with the wrong crowd or when we get caught up in a person. It was really interesting as well for us to hear about the difference in the value of money. Really made you question the lengths people will go to.

The acting, dancing and singing throughout was perfect and you could tell a lot of rehearsals and effort had taken place. How they managed to dance the way that they did and remember all of their lines was amazing!

Thank you The Lowry for having me and Harry, we had a fabulous time and really enjoyed the story. It was an added bonus that I was sat next to Dev from Coronation Street haha! If you love the theatre like we do if you like a step back in time and great music- then visit this show. If anybody has seen it or goes to see it I would love to know what you thought 🙂

Christie xx