As it’s the end of one month and the beginning of another, it’s time for 10 happy thoughts #3. A day late as I completely forgot yesterday was the last day of January! If you’ve not read a 10 happy thoughts post before, it’s a post that I write at the end of every month and reflect on 10 things that I have enjoyed and made me happy that month. All about the positivity on this blog!

1. New lips
This month I had my lips done and I feel like a new woman. I’ve wanted them done for years and finally took the plunge in January and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. My makeup looks better, I feel better and I have bigger lips woohoo. You can see my post on getting lip fillers by clicking here.
2. I got my hair done
I went lighter with my hair this month, I’m still brunette I just have a few natural highlights through as I was getting a bit bored with my hair being all one colour. I’m trying to grow my hair at the moment so I’m trying lots of new products on my hair to help it be healthy and conditioned.
3. I rediscovered eBay
EBay is my go to website if I want to order a little trinket but I had never used it to buy clothes until my mum suggested it. She told me that I needed some new clothes as she was bored of ironing the same ones every week and if that’s not an excuse to buy new clothes I don’t know what is??? So, I got on eBay and I won loads of cheap bids and have lots of new found bargains. I have a hot pink suit coming too tomorrow- can’t wait J
4. Flip out
A few weeks ago me and my friends enjoyed a trip to Flip out, the new trampolining park in Manchester. It has a laser maze, dodgeball, gladiator style activities and a huge slide which I originally was too scared to go on but after one go I couldn’t get enough lol. Worth a visit, read my journeyabout that by clicking here.
5. My new blog makeover
Yes, the glitterati girl got a makeover and one that is going to stick. I’ve finally found a layout I’m super pleased with and feel that reflects who I am and what I’m all about. If you want a laugh then click here to see before andafters.
6. My room got tidied
I’ve not lived at home for a good few years now due to living at uni, but now I’m on my university placement year I’ve moved home to save some cash and be with my two dogs lol (and my family of course, but…the dogs). My room has been used as a bit of a dumping ground since I moved out so I had a good clear out last weekend and took 11 (yes 11) bags to the tip and 4 to the charity shop. I can now see the carpet and it feels fabulous to actually be able to find things straight away.
7. I met up with my old high school gang
I had a reunion this month with my high school best friends and it was so good to reminisce and have a good catch up (and show off my new lips)
8. Date night
Fitting in date night can sometimes be tricky as me and Harry have such busy schedules, but this month we managed to fit in a cute date night of bowling and some food. Harry won by 1 point and I was winning for most of the game and I was convinced I was going to win. Sadly not! I had a fab milkshake afterwards which left me in a huge food coma. Story of my life to be honest.
9. Harry’s play
Last weekend I went to watch my boyfriend Harry in his play. He does a bit of acting on the side and it was really good to go and see him act, something that he’s so passionate about. Go harry J
10. Getting some new goodies
In February I’m starting a ‘no heat on my hair’ challenge so for a whole month I’m going to try and use no heat whatsoever on my hair. No straighteners, no hair dryer and no curly blows L I’m doing this as I want to grow my hair so this is one of many methods I’m trying. I’ve bought a few treats from LUSH to help me along with this journey so hopefully when it comes to 10 happy thoughts #4 in February I will have some progress to write about.
I hope you all had a great January – I know I did. Happy February from me, I have a few exciting things lined up this month so I’m really looking forward to what’s in store. Have a great month everyone!
Christie x