I’m a huge fan of eating out and an even bigger fan of a sweet treat. This weekend it was date night and there’s a diner near mine that I have been dying to take Harry to for ages. Rocky’s Easy Diner is located in Audenshaw in East Manchester and is a relatively new establishment. It specialises in American food, is halal and is extremely cheap for what you get.
From the menu I ordered the BBQ pulled chicken Burger with french fries. I’m not a huge Burger fan but as I’ve been here before then I know I really like the food from Rocky’s. Harry loves burgers so chose the BBQ chicken burger with potato wedges. My Burger was only £6 which is so cheap but considering it’s so cheap it’s not shite. It’s actually really good. I think if this restaurant was located in the centre of Manchester it would do really well. But I like to find little-hidden restaurants, especially ones that are 5 minutes from my house.
The interior of the restaurant is like you are in New York. The walls have the New York yellow taxis on and throughout the restaurant, they have little props that make you feel like you’re in an American 50’s diner. Whilst we were there, the song played in grease when Danny and Sandy are at the diner as on. Felt like I was Sandy from Grease at that point. 
For dessert, I chose a freakshake, basically a milkshake but with added extras. I went for the Nutella shake and oh my gosh it was good. For £7 you get a milkshake in a Mason jar, the jar is coated with Nutella and nuts, a milkshake, a piece of cake, whipped cream and then an Ice cream with a cone on top… Drizzled with chocolate sauce too! Even typing it now makes me feel hungry haha. I’ve been to Rocky’s a few times now and last time I had the cotton candy freakshake, I’m trying to order a different one each time I go so I can refer them to anyone that will listen lol.
Date night was gooood and we left the restaurant feeling so full after having a great meal. Worth a trip if you’re ever in the area 🙂
Christie x