The glitterati has had a makeoverrrrrrrrr! I was getting bored of my old blog layout and I felt that it wasn’t really reflecting me. I’ve changed my blog layout numerous times now but I have finally found something that feels like me and I have put all my time and energy into it lately. So expect better photos, better content, wittier posts etc etc etc.

So, let’s get cracking. What actually changed then? I’m gonna start by showing some before and after because I love a good reflection. First up, I’ve got a brand new header. A glittery one instead of the shit one I designed before Christmas. Makes sense having a glittery header considering that my blog has glitter in the name.

Header before

Header after… ta-DAHHHH

I’ve also bought a domain so I’m now all fancy on instead of Very profesh. Not bought hosting as of yet, gonna ride it out. But LOOK, in your search engine. Cool.

My whole layout has changed and my website has now had a pink takeover. Hello, organisation and pretty colours. Pink obvs. My old layout was good but it was getting so confusing of which sized photographs really worked with the layout. Very time consuming and some pics looked shite together. This layout everything blends well with most of my photos contain some form of a pastel colour.

Homepage before

Homepage after…YASSssss

I have an email subscription box yay! Don’t know if actually works, not an IT wizz but fingers crossed that you lovely lot get updated when I send a post out if you choose to add ya email.

I hope you like my blog makeover as much as what I do! I’m really pleased with how it turned out, not so pleased with how long it took me to install but good things take time haha. Let me know what you think 🙂
Christie x