I am giddily typing this blog post as today for the first time ever I got lip fillers! I’ve been wanting these since I was about 17 and I’m 23 now so it’s been a long time coming. This post will cover if it hurts, prices and any questions that people have been asking me about the procedure. Soooooo keep reading if you want to learn about my experience and see some before and after pics.

Where did you get your lips done?
I got my lips done by facesbyakj who are based in Hazel Grove, Stockport. I’ve been enquiring around for the last few months asking all my friends, stalking accounts on Instagram but for me, facesbyakj was the only one where on the pictures I could actually see a difference. Plus, with a lot of Instagram followers and loads of happy customers raving on, I thought I would go there.

Did it hurt?

Soon as I arrived I had numbing cream put on. This was left for around 20-30 minutes and at first, this just felt like plumping lip gloss. The longer it was left on. my lips went completely numb which was a really weird feeling. I went downstairs and met Aimey who was so lovely and put me at ease as I was a bit nervous. She was so reassuring and said to me that we could stop at any point if I felt uncomfortable. So at this point, I was really relaxed and was ready. Hand on my heart I honestly could hardly feel it happening. All I can compare it too is if someone is pinching you who has sharp nails. Completely bearable and only took 5 minutes if that to do. It was over before you even have time to think about the pain.

Before and After
On to the bit that everyone wants to see….

What exactly did I have done?

Today I went for 1ml lips. Originally I was going to go for half a ml but then everyone I spoke too had said that I would love half a ml when they were swollen but when they go to the correct size I would wish I had more. So I went for 1ml and I am so pleased. These pictures are taken today so I am aware that my lips now are a little swollen and will more than likely change shape slightly. 
Does it hurt after?
So it’s been around 4 hours ish since I had them done as I’m typing this, so it’s still fresh. My lips don’t hurt whatsoever, but my top lip feels heavy. I had most of the filler injected into my top lip as that’s where I wanted it to focus on more. Ever since I can remember I’ve felt self-conscious about my lips so I’m willing for my lips to feel heavy right now. So worth it. All that it feels like right now is like I have a clothes peg clipped to my lip. Drinking and eating were extremely weird but now i’m getting used to it. Just kissed Harry and that felt really weird lol but I’m excited to see what they will look like tomorrow.
Overall I’m very pleased with how they have turned out. Something that I have been so self-conscious about for the last 5+ years, that insecurity has now gone and I haven’t even put my lipstick on yet so haven’t seen the full effect! Aimey said I can wear lipstick tomorrow so I’m super excited..
Aimey was lovely and the whole procedure was over before you know it. It cost £150 for 1ml which is pretty standard but worth it considering it can last between 6-9 months. 
They’re no places like Faces!
If you have any questions feel free to send me a message 
Until next time…Christie x