I’m sat here typing realising how unfit I am because yesterday I went to flip out Manchester and I feel like I’ve done a few hours in the gym. I am exhauuuuusted. But what a day! 

Flip Out Manchester is a new trampoline park that has opened very conveniently right near my house! For those of my Manchester readers its right next to ASDA near the city stadium. It used to be Next and that was my first ever job but I’m so glad that something so fun has opened up 5 minutes away from me!

I had been approached by a PR company to try this new trampoline park out but when we got there-there were a few complications as the booking had messed up! But… not to worry because the lovely manager Stalla was so patient with us all and sorted it out for us, all with a smile on her face and not getting annoyed at our unexpected arrival! So thanks for that if you read this Stalla ๐Ÿ™‚ we all really appreciated it!

Now, I am very unfit. Used to smash the gym, now I don’t lol. I love trampolining but I don’t go enough, mostly because I either get bored whilst in the session or extremely out of breath (or both). I didn’t have any change on me whatsoever so it was super handy that the lockers lock with a code and you don’t have to pay! We went at 7pm last night and more or less had the whole park to ourselves which was amazing for me and the boys.

Its filled with lots of trampolines all throughout the room (obviously), gladiator games, obstacle courses, dodgeball, a laser section and a huge slide. I shit myself whilst I was at the top of the slide and for a minute I nearly backed out as I didn’t quite realise how high it actually is. Reminded me of being a kid and being at Alphabet Zoo on the big blue and yellow slide there. But I did it after Ben said to me “do it for the blog Christie”. Very persuasive. GO ON IT if you go to flip out, was so fun! I loved the laser section as you have to crawl through this curved room and you choose your level of difficulty. Me and Harry chose hard and we lost lol.

All the staff there are really helpful and it’s nice because they look like they’re having a really good time too. Our hour flew by but by the time it was up we were all absolutely exhausted, sweaty and ready for pizza.

I picked up a loyalty card so each time you go you can get a stamp, love a good loyalty card. This is deffo much better than any trampoline parks I’ve been too as there’s so much to do and they have a lot more available to do than most we’ve all been too! Loved it. I didn’t take many photos as my camera was in my locker but guess you’ll have to visit to see the inside ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for having us flip out, see you soon  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Christie x