I’m all in support of the cheesy “new year new me” quotes as it’s the time when I feel most motivated. My motivation levels really fluctuate (fancy word lol) so at the moment I’m really trying to stay happy and accomplish the below. 2017 was a good year but if im honest I literally did fuck all so I want 2018 to be the year I’m like “YES I did loads. I can’t choose what my favourite moment was because there was too many”. Aiming high haha.

So lets get cracking

1. Take better photographs
      I have a new camera now and a fancy new lens (thanks Harry) so I have absolutely no excuses no for shite photography. Better photos make me happy and also teach me how to use my camera correctly. With this in mind I would ideally like to increase both my Instagram and twitter to 2k each. Annnnd get 5 re-grams on Instagram. I got this.

     2. Start saving for a house.
      In my spare time I’m always looking at dream houses on right-move, does anybody else do this lol? Realistically (unless I win the lottery) I’m not going to be owning a 10 bedroom house in Cheshire with a pool, but I can own my first ever home with Harry. So it’s time to get saving for our home. We’re going to start saving next weekend when we open an account so that’s one resolution I can quickly tick off my list. Maybe one day we’ll own that 10 bed house, who knows ey. My family always said I would get famous one day.

     3. Smash the gym
      2017 I got really toned and then I lost it again, was smashing the gym then was lying on the couch. So this week I’ve been hitting the gym and attending gym classes, I’ve even started a 30 day ab challenge. Get me.

     4.  Hair change / ditch extensions
      Tomorrow I’m getting my hair done, I’m going back lighter again as that’s when I always feel my best. Dark hair has been fun and I’ve got my hair all healthy. But I fancy a change. Also, the extensions are going. I’m fed up of drunkenly trying to take my extensions out and getting them all tangled/one of them going missing and the list goes on.

     5.  Have a great last year of uni
      I’m on my placement year from uni at the moment but I begin my fourth and final year in September. First year was awful, I was in a really bad place health wise, got in with the wrong crowd and my grades were awful. Second year was better but I was still poorly so don’t feel like I got the most out of my time there. When I return to uni I will have had a year out and I’m ready to tackle my final year, with a new year group as none of my close friends did a placement year, and then I can finally graduate lol. I’ll be 25 when I graduate but who cares.


     6.  Have a summer full of CV building
      When my placement year finishes in May I want to have a summer full of fun obvs but I want to be adding to my CV massively and making myself more employable. This will be the first summer where I’ve actually got quite a lot of time off so I want to spend it productively. In March I’m going to start looking and applying for jobs. I get excited just thinking about it.

     7. Blog at least once a week but don’t produce forced content
      So at the moment I just blog as and when, then a month passes and I’ve not wrote anything, hardly took any pics etc. Now that I have my new camera and two lovely lenses I’m hoping that I will feel more inclined to blog. However, as usual, I’m never going to post something that is forced just because I’ve not wrote that week. All my posts are genuine and I aim to keep it that way. When I finish placement I want to start blogging more about my city Manchester and all the things I love exploring there.


      8. Not care so much about what people think of me. 
      Its’about time I started practicing what I preach. I’m always saying to others not to care what people think of them “do you” etc etc but I don’t take my own advice. So I’m going to start doing that, or trying too at least. I also want to make more spontaneous decisions as work has consumed me the last 6 months. I need to start having a life other than at the weekends.

      9. Say yes more and no to things I don’t want to do. Don’t compensate.
      Similar to above really. Say no to things that I don’t actually want to do instead of being a people pleaser all the time. Say yes to more opportunities and don’t ever settle for less than what I deserve

     10. Have a fun summer
      Concluding my long list of new years resolutions is number 10, to have fun. Pretty obvious but I genuinely cant remember the last summer I had where I had fun. Where I didn’t work. I want to work this summer because I’ll be needing money but I want to go and enjoy myself too and be super busy.