Each day after work the thing I look forward to each night is getting in bed obvs but also my skincare routine. Omg, I can’t even describe how much happiness cleaning my face brings me and pampering to the ends of the earth. Even drunk me is trained to take my makeup off no matter what state I’m in. I’m a truly dedicated woman. I love talking about skincare too (future profession lol?) so thought I would write a blog about products I’m loving. I’m not sponsored by Lush I promise, they’re just fab, but I do also have some other recommendation so stay with me.
I’ve been a huge fan of Lush ever since I can remember, I used to work there before I went on my placement year and will hopefully work again for Lush when I’m in my final year of uni. Working at Lush was amazing (as you might have guessed) and if smelling amazing all day wasn’t enough you actually get to learn lots of useful info about ingredients and looking after your skin. I’m no expert and the products I use might not work on your skin but they work a treat on mine. My favourite Lush products are:
I’m classing this body lotion as part of my skincare routine, I don’t use it as often as I would like as sometimes I just want to jump into bed and not spend anytime pampering. But when I do I love to use this as it knocks me out in a few minutes, plus I wake up really soft and smelling like flowers. My dream situation.
9-5 cleansing lotion
I wake up at 5:15 each day and at that time in the morning there is no way I’m waking up earlier to do a full skincare routine so I use 9-5 which is my saviour. It looks like a moisturiser but I pop it onto my face, have a shower and then splash my face with water. Perfect time saver cleans my skin and leaves it soooo soft too. Perfect if you want a quick fix.
Breathe of fresh air toner
Cleanse and tone is my mantra. I do moisturise too but my skin is generally quite soft anyway and more often than not I use a moisturising primer before I do my makeup. This toner does exactly what the name says, it makes my face feel really fresh. I would advise spraying it onto a cotton pad first as I sprayed this directly onto my face and was soaking.
Just to clarify
I think I have converted to a jelly face mask fan over the normal face masks. I’m a huge facemask fan in general as they make me feel fab and my skin look a lot clearer. I’ve used every single one of Lush’s normal facemasks so if you want any recommendations just let me know! I love jelly facemasks as I can keep them in my room meaning I don’t have to walk downstairs to get it- lazy gal problems. This one I have smells really citrusy and has a slight exfoliating texture to it which is good for me as I like a good scrub.

Grease lightening
The saviour of all saviours. This spot cream works wonders. Literally reduces the spot size, redness, you name it within an hour or two. It’s clear as well so saves you walking around with a face of sudocrem.
I know a lot of people are hit and miss about ultrabland but I love it! My face feels so clean when I use it but the only thing I would say is that it’s quite hard to get off as water just won’t do the trick. I feel like you need a face cloth or something similar to get this off but still a lovely product none the less.
Aquamarina sold me already due to the name and the fact that its pink. It’s just such a lovely and soft cleanser to use, it has seaweed in it which is fab for your skin too. Feels lovely and light on the skin but again leaves your skin feeling so fresh.
I adore Lush products and after I’ve used them all I like to spritz my face with the Utan & Tone coconut water. This gives me a nice glow and because I tan my body quite a bit, this matches my face up. I’ve been trying out Nip and Fabs bust cream too and praying for an overnight miracle. Only just started using this but if it works then its guaranteed a celebratory blog post. Soap and Glory beauty sleep night cream is fab too, perfect if you have quite dehydrated skin.
I probably could only use 1-2 products on my skin each day but I love a good clean. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and if you have any questions then just ask!
Christie xx