My jolly levels are very high right now and I’m in full on Christmas mode.Winter is my favourite time of the year as I get to wrap up in lots of layers, everyone is generally happier and I always create lots of lovely festive memories. Today’s post is all about my annual Christmas traditions. 
1. Decorating the tree

In my house, my dad likes to decorate the tree and over the years has become quite the Christmas tree perfectionist. We still have lots of Christmas decorations from when I was a little girl and this is definitely a tradition I would like to carry on when I have my own home.

Since dating harry it’s become a new tradition in his house that we all put up and decorate the tree together. This is something I look forward to each year as we put on Christmas songs and its always my job to untangle all the baubles and beads. Here are some photos of my favourite Christmas ornaments…

This Manchester bee bauble is my newest and has a special story behind it. Being from Manchester I have always loved it here and I’ve been very proud that this is my home. Bees have always been our cities symbol but after the Manchester bombing then bees really became a symbol of love and togetherness, and they started appearing everywhere. The Manchester Arndale ran a social media campaign this weekend where you had to upload a photo of the Manchester Christmas tree and in exchange for showing the photo, you received a beautiful gold and sparkly manchester bee bauble. I know this is one that I will treasure forever.

This photo has now become one of my favourite photographs of me and Harry that his dad took off us this weekend. We weren’t aware that the photo was being taken but I think it’s so cute. Very couples Christmas cardy haha.

2. Ordering a Chinese on Christmas eve
Ever since I can remember, we have always ordered a Chinese on Christmas Eve. It’s not particularly Christmassy but in my house, we never get a takeaway so this is always seen ass a treat. We don’t all live at home but Christmas is the one time where we are all under one roof. I always have salt and pepper chicken and sweet and sour chicken. I like too be adventurous with my food and try new dishes but this one is my Christmas order.

3. New Christmas PJs
Every year we get new Christmas PJs and though I am 23, I still like to get involved and get a new pair to wear all throughout Christmas when it is freezing. Mum always keeps them a surprise and then right before we order the Chinese they get revealed. Except for this year as mum showed me already lol, so this year I have a silky Bambi set with a matching eye mask. They’re actually a long sleeved top and shorts so not exactly going to keep me warm but veerrrrry cute!

4. Christmas movies
A Christmas movie is always watched every Christmas Eve. We try to watch a new one every year that we all haven’t seen before but some of my favourites always come out. I like to watch Elf and It’s a wonderful life… I watch them every Christmas.

5. Celebrating with Harry
Since me and Harry have been together we created a new tradition of spending Christmas night together at his house. I spend half of my day at mine with my family and then I switch houses to celebrate with his family. I love this Christmas tradition and it’s exciting to think that one day we will be celebrating Christmas in our own home.

6. Getting drunk
I feel like this one is an all year tradition haha as I do get drunk all throughout the year. However, it wouldn’t be Christmas if I wasn’t the one family member in my house that gets drunk. Noone’s a big drinker in my house except for me so I have a drink for everyone and like to be the giddy member that is stumbling into the Christmas tree. Same again this year.

7. Dog costumes
Each year we get a Christmas costume and a Christmas present for the dogs. One dog loves the costume and the other dog hates them but it’s just so cute! My dogs go a bit mad on Christmas day with us unwrapping presents and all the noises.

8. Our living room
It currently looks like a grotto as mum has covered the room with tinsel once again. This year we have a new addition to our decorations as dad has bought fake snow and sprayed all the doors and bought window stickers. I think he gets more into it each year. On Christmas day our presents are always laid out in the same space. Mine are always in front of the conservatory and I think I would feel weird if they were put somewhere else as that’s my space.

9. Driving round to see the Christmas lights
Without fail every December my dad gets us all in the car and we drive around and see the Christmas lights. There’s an amazing house near me that is known for its Christmas lights so each year that’s our final destination. The house is covered head to toe in decorations and it gets me feeling so festive. I would like to think that if I ever have kids I would take them to this house too.

10. The Christmas markets
My final Christmas tradition is going to visit the Christmas markets. I absolutely love them and I don’t ever get bored of them no matter how many times I go. Yesterday I had some amazing cookie dough and that’s a first for the Christmas markets!

As the years go on I hope to create new Christmas traditions to add to these ones 🙂

Christie xx