This time of year I’m always very drunk and nostalgic that the year is over and what great memories I’ve had. So instead of drunk rambling to everyone that will listen on nye and sending soppy texts out that have many spelling errors, I thought it would be fitting to write my monthly 10 happy thoughts blog, just this time, it’s a 2017 edition of my 10 favourite moments/things from this year.

1. Starting this blog
I only started this blog back in may, didn’t post anything for ages and then I got really into it in the summer onwards. I bought myself a new camera, invested in my photographs and started producing content I was really happy with. I’ve spoken with some great people along the way and became a part of the blogging community on social media and everyone’s really nice and supportive. I’ve taken a two-week break from blogging so I could overindulge on cider and chocolate but in 2018 I’ll be back with a bang and really upping my game on the blog front.

2. Chopping and dying my hair
I’ve always been blonde/grey and wore long extensions. Always moaned about them, always had extension clips showing the drunker in the night that I got. This year I went brunette, had my hair chopped off to my shoulders and ditched the extensions. I have a love-hate relationship with my hair and sometimes I do miss the blonde and extensions. However, my hair is so healthy at the moment and I need to force myself to enjoy short hair and learn how to style it properly.

3. Getting a placement
I was expecting this time of year to be busy writing my dissertation, probably stressed and asking anyone that will listen ‘does this sentence sound okay? I’m shit with words’. But actually, I’m working at Shop Direct on my placement year from uni. It was completely unexpected working there as I was rejected 4 months previously, but they obviously liked something about me as here I am, halfway through my placement wondering what next summer holds for me. Sometimes I think I’m mad commuting two hours there each day and two hours back but the information I have learned so far has been invaluable and will hopefully make me a more attractive candidate when I graduate in 2019.

4. First anniversary with Harry
I’m so soppy lol but our first anniversary was one of my favourite memories of the year as we went to york and ate so much good food and I just laughed my head off the whole time. In 2018 we want to go on our first holiday together, I’ve only had full-time money since August time so before I start my final year of uni in September we want to go away somewhere hot.

5. Going up a dress size/finally putting on weight
After 23 years of being on this planet, this year was the one where I finally started putting weight on and going to the gym. I went up a dress size but then stopped going to the gym in November and then instead of the weight going to my bum (hooooray) it all went to my face instead. So that has to change in 2018 as I want abs and a slim face.

6. Feeding penguins
My ultimate favourite moment of 2018 was feeding penguins for Harry’s birthday. Keeping it a secret was so boring so I printed him out a penguin party invitation with all the details on and made him open it the night before his birthday as I’m impatient. Literally one of the best days of my entire life and if you want to see these cute penguins and find out how to feed them yourselves then click here.

7. Attending a jigsaw visual merchandising masterclass
Back before the days of full-time life, I worked at uni helping run a Saturday fashion and business club. I was working with 14/15-year-olds teaching them about fashion and pretending that I was that age too basically. We took them to London and I was lucky enough to attend a visual merchandising masterclass at Jigsaw. It was so much fun and was a creative day so right up my street. Definitely one of many career options that I’m considering!

8. Princessing
I don’t know if I have ever mentioned on this blog before that I’m a princess actress. SO if I haven’t then now you know. This year we ran a princess ball and I was Sleeping Beauty and I loved it. Princess life is deffo the one for me and I didn’t want to become me anymore, was having too much fun with the pink dress and being blonde again without damaging my hair lol. We also had a magical proposal at the ball that had me bawling my eyes out whilst trying to stay composed as Aurora. Tried to play it cool but am just too emotional.

9. Friendsfest
This day couldn’t have been any more amazing. For my 23rd birthday we went to friendsfest at Heaton Park (read about it here). Oh my god (Janice’s voice) it was incredible, couldn’t have had a better birthday and it was SUNNY in Manchester. Who would have thought it!

10. This Christmas
This Christmas has been fab so far, I’ve slept so much, ate the whole of my kitchen and I’ve drunk more this year than what I did when I was 18. I’m poorly at the moment writing this (thanks, Harry) but no doubt tonight I’m going to get smashed. Feel like I deserve a cider or ten as I bought myself a crate and need to drink the rest of it tonight.

Writing this made me feel a bit weird if I’m honest because though this year has been good, I kinda expected my ten favourite moments too be easy to write when actually, I really had to think about what I’ve enjoyed this year. This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions as it always is with me, I’ve cried a lot more than I wanted to- both happy and sad, I’ve felt at the end of my tether but then on the opposite end of the scale I’ve felt happiness like never before this year and I feel like I’ve really matured. Who knows what 2018 has in store for me (lots of money and more cider probs) but what I do know is that I’m entering the year with a positive mindset and everybody that I need and want in my life.

Until next year… happy new year x

Christie xx