So last week I attended the Very Uk Blogging Event in Liverpool. I had a fab time looking at the new party wear and enjoyed all the glam, glitter and very cupcakes! Click here if you want to see what the blogging event was like. I was very lucky to be gifted a very goodie bag so I thought I would show you what’s inside!

I wasn’t expecting a goodie bag at all, I was just happy going to the event so I’m so pleased and feel very spoilt. I was gifted a Thomas Sabo heart necklace and I don’t actually own a lot of jewellery so I was happy to receive lots of accessories to wear this Christmas. Let’s discuss the things that I’ve been loving so far.

I love the bronzed life so I was extremely pleased to have some tanning products in my bag. I’ve never tried anything by utan before but I have heard from them so this was the first thing from my bag that I tried! I putt this on before bed so it has a lot of time to develop and it produces a really nice natural tan by the morning. It’s coconut scented too which I love. I”m hoping that by putting it on each night it will disguise this double chin that has appeared the last month. Heres hoping!

Glittery makeup sponges ahhh! It’s like they knew I love glitter haha. I haven’t tried these out as I’ve been soo lazy with my makeup recently and haven’t been making an effort. But as of tomorrow, a new week and all that, I’m going to give these a go! I love the packaging, font, product…very me!
I was so excited that I was gifted some skincare products by Skin doctors. I’ve heard of their brand before so was super excited to try these out. The capsules are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I thought that you swallowed them but you DON’T! You twist and the top rips off and the moisturiser is inside. Magic. I’m quite into my skincare and these make my skin feel lovely! I’m after the bee venom kit next.
I feel so lucky too have been gifted all of this and can’t wait to get trying all of these in the next few weeks! Thank you Very x
Christie xx