Sometimes, blogger mail is magical and gets delivered by owl post. As I was invited to attend the Paladone games night and what a night it was! Before I attended this event I was sent the below in the post, what a way to receive blogger mail. I love the thought that’s gone into this and everyone I showed (and I showed a lot lol) thought it was really cool. 

Paladone are the UK’s leader for wholesale gifts and I was invited to attend the Paladone games night which happened at Dive bar in Manchester. I was soooo excited yesterday at work and couldn’t wait to attend this event. As we walked in we were ‘sorted’ by the magical sorting hat and I was in team Hermoine. After a quick briefing at the event we were told that in order to win points for our team we had to participate in a number of activities to put in our team cups. I’m quite competitive so got stuck right in and it was nice to see lots of others getting involved too.

It’s always nice to have a drink after work but magical themed drinks are my favourite. I ordered witches brew and friskey wiskey. Witches brew was a mix of vodka, peach liquor, lime juice and mint. And Friskey whisky featured Jameson’s and apple juice. Nice little Tuesday treat but only 2 for me as I am a lightweight and have work today.
My favourite game of the night was explosion snap. This is the card game snap but with a twist, instead of saying snap you have to race to pull a party popper first. Definitely a game I’m going to suggest for pre-drinks.

Next up there was an Olivander stand where you could decorate your own wand. With glitter available to decorate I went a bit mad and painted a rainbow wand. It looked quite similar to a cheerleader rainbow baton and not so much a wand lol. The wands there were incredible and people had really put a lot of thought into their designs.

After winning my third game of explosion snap I decided to have a game of Harry Potter cluedo. I haven’t played cluedo or any board games for years really so it made me feel really nostalgic and reminiscent about being younger. I didn’t win this round but wasn’t too disappointed due to my other wins.

I had an amazing night with Paladone and just wanted to say thanks ever so much for having me, for putting on a great night and for my gifts. My family were waiting up for me when I got in to hear all about it and see what products I had received. I love the glasses from @rubiesuk ! Thank you! Got some jealous parents and sisters right now!
If you want to see what products Paladone sells check out:
Christie xx