Oh, I love this time of year, Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas and it’s been my 1st anniversary with Harry. Last Wednesday we celebrated our first ever anniversary in York and it was wonderful. I’m finally with someone who is absolutely lovely and I love to pieces and I can’t wait to have many more anniversaries. But soppiness aside, we had a great time and if you want to see what we got up to, what our hotel was like and have a little sneak peek into my life…then keep reading!

On Halloween, we travelled down to York to stay at the Grand Hotel and Spa, a 5* hotel based in York city centre. Back in August, I won a travel voucher with Arriva buses for £250 and as this was a special occasion we decided to splash out and live in luxury for 2 days and celebrate hooray. When we arrived I immediately knew it was a luxury service as every door was opened for me and our luggage was escorted to the room for us. I almost felt bad for giving them my heavy bags full for a week stay not a 2-day trip. The check-in process was really easy but what I will add is that when we were at reception we had to pay a £200 deposit but we’ve got this back, guess its just a precaution in case anything goes wrong so very handy actually.
I practically ran up the stairs to our room and let a little scream when we got inside, it was amazing. Never seen a bed that big in my life. They had left us Halloween chocolates and on the bedside table were a plate of handmade chocolates with a card that wished us a happy anniversary. I love little touches like these and think its so important for hotels to make these little touches for you. The room was just a dream, beautiful teal curtains with a real luxury feel, a bathtub with beautiful marble edges, a huge wardrobe that I wish I had in my room and the best bit is that it was OURS for 2 whole nights eek! It felt like a dream. Heres a very quick video and some pictures of the room.

On the first night, we stayed in as we had arrived at York quite late so we ran a bath and I used my new pumpkin bath bomb and mixed this with my new unicorn dust from Miss Patisserie. Lying in bed, Harry was absolutely miles from me. Not literally (obviously) but let’s just go with my exaggeration, please. 

So, Wednesday morning up bright and early we went for a swim and had the pool to ourselves. I had to buy a new swimming costume as squats have meant my swimsuit doesn’t anymore. When it came it was a thong bikini which I wasn’t expecting but pool to ourselves so I didn’t care anyway lol. Body confidence and allllll that! After a nice swim, we got ready and got exploring York. I swear we must have walked around the same streets so many times as we kept getting lost as everywhere looks the same. However, the walk was so nice and I got to try my first yorkiepud wrap, click here to see what it looks like!, we visited the York Minister and marvelled at how fabulous it was, discovered cute soap shops where I was treated to a unicorn bath bomb (thanks, Harry) and the list goes on. We went for a meal to celebrate our anniversary and then decided we were going to go on a “York Night out” and see what York had to offer.

If you’ve read my other post you’ll know the night out went fab but I was extremely hungover the next day. But nothing an ice cream couldn’t sort out, click here to see my pretty rainbow sherbet ice cream! When I finally (after a good few hours) recovered from my hangover we spent our final hours in York at the York chocolate experience which was amazing. If you’re in york its absolutely worth a visit, you get to eat chocolate walking around, get to make chocolate lollies and it’s really interesting too. 

I left york feeling super loved up, still am lol, and we had the best time celebrating our 1st anniversary together. I’m really excited to travel more with Harry and it’s exciting to think about our upcoming anniversaries and the stories ill have to share.
Christie xx