I’ve wanted an Olympus pen camera for over 2 years now and on Thursday I finally became the proud owner of the Olympus pen e-pl8 all thanks to the Black Friday sales. I’m currently on my placement year from uni so decided to treat myself whilst I can afford it. I bought it from work and with my discount and black Friday deals, I got the kit with pancake lens for £408.

I’m no tech expert (yet!) so this review will discuss what comes with the kit and what my first impressions are so far. In a few weeks when I’ve had more of a look at the camera and figured out the settings I will do another blog post perhaps on how to work the camera and my general thoughts of it.

The price
Normally I would never spend over £400 on a camera. However, this is an early Christmas present and my parents kindly gave me my Christmas money early. With my own money added to it, the price didn’t seem so daunting to my bank balance. Before the Black Friday sales, it was originally £550 and I got this for £408 so I was quite pleased. Plus, I’ve wanted this for over 2 years now and not only will this benefit me for my blog and hobby, it will also help me out with my shoots when I return to university next September. I’ll be able to comment more in my next post about this camera if I feel that I’m getting my money’s worth.

The kit
This camera is so dreamy and everyone that I’ve shown the camera so far has had the same reaction. It comes in a really modern white box and inside you get a camera strap, USB cable, charger and battery, flash and a little velvet pouch to store it in, instruction manual, the 14-22mm lens and a setup cd. The box itself looks really nice nevermind the dreamy camera! I ordered the camera in white and it looks so professional and really slick. The strap is a creamy white colour and has ‘Olympus pen’ printed on it. I appreciate all the little touches like that. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a case, however, I’ve ordered a black one from eBay as I want this camera to be protected. Not risking damaging it for the price.

The weight
Previously I had the Canon Powershot sx6100 and this was a really lightweight camera. The pen feels quite heavy in comparison but I think this is only because my last camera was so light. With the lens added on it does make it slightly heavier but this isn’t a problem as the camera strap balances the weight out. I won’t be using this camera to do vlogging but I presume if you had a youtube channel you would be best getting a tripod as holding this in one arm might be a little tiring after a while.

As I only got this on Thursday I’m just going to do a some up of the features that I have used so far and then in my updated post I can discuss them in more detail. The pen has wifi built in which is really handy as you can download an app on your phone and sync your photos really quickly without having to connect the camera to your computer. My old camera also had wifi and it’s just so easy to get your photos in a quick way. One thing I also really like about this camera is that you change the picture sizes. It has a feature in the settings menu where you can change the settings to 1:1 which makes your photos square. I love this feature as I hate when you take a really good photo and when it’s cropped to match my Instagram layout it doesn’t look as good. Now, I can take the square photos on my camera and make them look perfect. So far that’s my favourite feature haha but I know I have a lot more to learn with this camera and I can’t wait to teach myself how to make the most of it. The camera also has a pullout screen, perfect for flat lays and when you extend it the camera goes into selfie mode so you can see yourself when you’re taking a photo.

Due to the amount of money I’ve spent I really want to make the most of this camera as it’s an investment. I have my heart set on the 45mm lens so hopefully, in the new year I will go and buy one in the January sales! From eBay, I ordered a black case, tripod and a tripod adaptor to add to my kit. The case was £15 and it came with a black strap so now I have a bit of choice and can coordinate the camera with my outfit. I ordered a tripod and an adaptor as I read a few reviews saying that with the screen pulled out it doesn’t quite fit on a tripod. I’ll be using the tripod when no ones around to take my pictures for me haha so hopefully this will go smoothly!

Overall I’m so pleased with the camera so far. I’ve been waiting for 2 years to own this camera and it was definitely worth the wait. It’s my new pride and joy lol.

Write back soon!

Christie xx