So I’m introducing a new segment on my blog that’s called 10 happy thoughts. In life I think it’s easy to get caught up and take life for granted, you only have to look at the news to see that. So I’m not taking life for granted anymore. I’m taking pleasure from the simplest of things and counting my blessings. Each month on the very last day I’m going to write a post and share with you 10 things that have made me happy that month. Even if it’s been a shite month there will be some good, and I’m set out to find it.

Novembers been fab and first up is…

1. Finding the lost ring
At work, I went into the bathroom to sort out my hair and found the most beautiful baby blue ring that looked very expensive. Assuming someones took this off to wash their hands I ran down to reception and handed it in along with my name. A few hours later I got an email from a lovely lady saying thank you and how I had made her day. Not only was she reunited with the ring it had huge sentimental value. I’m glad I handed it in and got it back to her safely. She came to my desk later on that day with a bottle of wine. Pre-drinks sorted for tomorrow night lol.

2. My new camera
I’m now the proud owner of the Olympus pen e-pl8. I’ve wanted an Olympus pen for years and now I have one it’s my new baby and I’m taking it everywhere. Read my first impressions of it here.

3. My 1 year anniversary
The 1st of November was my one year anniversary with Harry and it was amazing. We stayed in a 5-star hotel in York and had a lovely time exploring, eating Yorkshire puddings and lounging in a king size bed. Cuuute.

4. Attending blogging events
Novembers been a really busy month for blogging events and I’ve been lucky to be invited to some really interesting events and shows. Hopefully, December will be a fab month for blogging, filled with Christmas events and activities.

5. The Christmas tree is up
Yes, in November. Its been up now for a week already and I have no shame. Dads a perfectionist when it comes to the tree so each icicle is aligned perfectly and our living room looks like a grotto as mums gone a bit overboard with the tinsel.

6. My bath bomb advent calendar
Tomorrow is so exciting as its the first time I’ve had a non-chocolate calendar. Well, I do have a chocolate one of course but this year Harrys bought me a bath bomb advent calendar from bomb cosmetics so I can’t wait to try that one out. If anyone wants a review later on in December of the calendar let me know and ill be happy to write one.

7. The Christmas markets
The Christmas markets are here and I’ve been so many times already. Every time someone asks to meet me after work my go-to line is “yeah course shall we go to the Christmas markets”. Win-win seeing me and eating pancakes.

8. New hair
If you haven’t noticed I now have short ombre hair. I went for a chop and got the ends lightened by good friend Hannah who works at Toni and Guy. She did a lovely job and I’m enjoying ombre life. Short hair during the week and then long hair on the weekends. Drunk me feels powerful with extensions in.

9. I went back to Nottingham
When I was 18 I moved to Nottingham for uni and in my second year I got poorly for a really long time and had to withdraw. I had it in my head for the years following this that I couldn’t ever return as the memories were too painful for me and it just made me sad. Last weekend I plucked up the courage to go with my mum and I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted. Go me.

10. Reconnecting with old friends
When you have people on social media and keep updated with their life it’s easy to forget that you haven’t seen them in a while. So this month I reconnected with 3 friends that I haven’t seen in 7 years. Mad how time flies by. I met with Hayley, Emma and Hannah for a trip to the Christmas markets (shock) and it was like it was only yesterday that I had seen them. Its lovely reconnecting with old friends.

That’s my roundup of November and I can’t wait to see what December has in store for me now. Time to keep positive, working hard and using my new camera.

Christie xx