Today I met with the lovely Emma who works at John Lewis in the Trafford Centre. Emma is a Dyson stylist who kindly gave me a complimentary blow dry today and has left my hair big and bouncy! I’ve been a bit lazy recently with my hair as in the mornings I just shove it up in a messy bun so when Emma offered me the chance to have my hair done- I gladly took it!!

The Dyson Supersonic is a new hairdryer invented by James Dyson (yes, the hoover man!) which has intelligent heat control so you can dry your hair without the risk of extreme heat damage. Less damaged hair reflects the light leaving you with lovely shiny locks- just what I need at the moment! I dye my hair and use a lot of heat on it so I was really keen on seeing how this would work on my hair seeing as only 100 degrees of heat is used, when my hairdryer is over 200 degrees. There are 4 heat settings and 3 speed settings so you can choose how much heat you want to apply to your hair. If your hair is thick like mine then you’re probably best using the highest speed and the highest heat.

Now, the hairdryer comes with a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator and diffuser and Emma kindly explained to me how each of them helps to style your hair. It even has an insulating chamber which reduces the surface temperature which means you don’t burn your hands when using it- fab!

My hair today is so dreamy with big bouncy waves. Sometimes when I go to the hairdresser my scalp can be really sensitive due to the heat going on, especially as my hair holds a lot of water so it takes ages to dry. However, Emma was really gentle and you honestly can hardly feel any heat whatsoever. My hair is smooth and doesn’t look like I’ve slept in a bush so its a winner for me!!

If you want to see what Emma gets upto follow her instagram @emma_dysonstylist or pay her visit at John Lewisn at the Trafford Centre! I love it- thank you so much Emma!!

Christie x