So this morning I picked up a jelly face mask from LUSH on my way to a work meeting so I thought I would do a first impressions review for you today. Now, I don’t normally review products until I’ve used them for a few days/weeks but I was really excited about this product so thought I would get reviewing…

I’ve had my eye on the new jelly face masks from LUSH for a while now but haven’t had the chance to pick one up. The jelly face masks are £6.95 and you get a choice of 5 different ones but today I went for ‘Just to Clarify’ which you can buy here: . I went for this one because it mentioned in the store about how it brightens skin- and this is exactly what I need right now. My skin is tired at the moment as am I, so I need a good citrusy boost.

Just to Clarify is full of natural ingredients which are really good for the skin whilst featuring oils that are really mood uplifting. The enzymic papaya juice brightens the skin whilst the lemon oil cleanses and uplifts mood. It’s a really fruity smell full of fresh oranges, grapefruit and bergamot oils.

But does it actually work? And more importantly, how does a jelly face mask work? I’ve tried every one of LUSH’s original face masks (I used to work there before my placement year started so I am a HUGE LUSH fan!) and they work perfectly with my skin. However, I’ve never known a facemask to have a jelly-like texture… until now! So you grab a bit of the mask, work it into a paste in your hands and then smooth over your face. The texture reminds me of the shower jellies and the appearance when on is similar to a smashed orange. I’ve never smashed an orange and put it on my face but it’s what keeps on popping into my head so we will roll with it!

I’m really pleased actually with this facemask considering I’ve only gave it one go. It was a nice surprise that it gently exfoliates the skin- wasn’t expecting that at all with something that looks like jelly! I love an exfoliator as I feel satisfied after I’ve gave my face a good scrub. My face is so lovely and soft and to add to my skincare pamper night I have popped on some of the LUSH 9-5 cleanser and I’m going to leave that for a few hours now and then splash my face with water. Lovely and soft skin for christie m.

If you’ve used any of the other jelly masks and loved them please let me know! I love a good product recommendation. If you haven’t used any of the masks but want to see what LUSH offer then click here: .

If you’ve enjoyed reading this product review let me know and I’ll start writing more reviews on what products I am enjoying at the moment 🙂

Christie xx