This has been a fab week as my new phone case has came from Go Customized! YAAY! I’ve had a £2 wallet phone case for SO long now as drunk me smashed my phone up a while back and I needed a phone case that would protect me from doing any more damage to my bank account and obviously protect my phone too. So when I was offered the chance to have a new case I thought it was about time I actually got a cute case that was also practical.

Go Customized is an online store that sells personalised cases and is super quick and easy. There are lots of different phone case styles to choose from but as I’m a bit clumsy I went for a wallet style again as then my phone has a bit of extra protection and I can store my railcard and train tickets each day.

The lovely guys at Go Customized gave me the opportunity to customise my own phone case however I wanted, so, after a bit of thinking, I decided to go for a Manchester heart. If you know me well you’ll know I’m a true Manchester home bird, I love it here and as the thing I love the most, it needed to go on my phone case. In the summer this heart of Manchester was released all over social media and I just fell in love with the design. So it was a no brainer for me.

The company is actually based in Amsterdam but the delivery to the UK is so cheap and really quick too! I ordered mine on the train home from work on Friday and it came on Thursday so just under a week, and I got it delivered to work so that was a nice treat when I came out of my meeting. I love the phone case, I mean I did design it myself so I knew I was going to love it…but I just love it lol. Couldn’t get a phone case more me (unless it had a unicorn on there and was fluffy).

Thanks so much to the guys at go customized, you lot are the best! If you want to check out their products, make your own design or choose one of the premades you can find their website here: or go check them out on twitter @gocustomized

Christie xx